Trace Optics - Revolutionising the Broadcast World

Trace Optics has a sophisticated business plan and financials, although in its simplest form the Project Overview going forward is:
1. Secure JV with major USA broadcaster
2. Secure capital
3. Finalise development
4. Generate sales through existing B2B relationships
5. Establish global beach head offices
6. Profitable global expansion

Investment opportunity

Trace Optics is seeking equity finance, and to date has 30 shareholders.

Investor information

Financial information

Investment sought: A$1.6M - A$8M


No documents provided.

Project status update


Project dependencies

No current dependencies.

Technology utilised

The key technologies have been designed, developed, tested, and proven to be vastly superior to existing methods.
The key technology involves surveying an environment (race track, tennis court, soccer field) and creating a 3D model of the environment, then this 3D model is synchronised with the vision of the broadcast camera in real time, Trace Optics patented software then works within the synchronised 3D world to generate sophisticated cinematography on the fly. DGPS and other technologies can be integrated to create amazing accuracy, functionality and automation. Truly disruptive, and truly a changer for the entire industry.

Project highlights

  • Proof of Technology
  • Recognition by Industry Leaders that Trace Optics has developed world leading technology. Industry Leaders include CEOs and Directors from Fox Sports (USA), ESPN, NBC (USA), BBC, F1 Teams, and many others.
  • Multiple Patents in all major global markets.

Key organisations

  • Trace Optics Pty Ltd

Project timelines

Expected start date

Expected end date

Funding round finish date



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