Critical minerals project in South Australia

Critical minerals project opportunities in South Australia

Critical minerals in low-risk, resource-rich jurisdictions such as Australia are gaining the increased attention of governments, industry and investors around the world as a leading nation in the exploration, extraction, production and processing of critical minerals.

South Australia has significant global and national resources of critical minerals including 65% of Australia’s graphite resources and the State hosts the world’s largest zircon mine at Jacinth Ambrosia. In addition, our frontier provinces are prospective for critical minerals including cobalt, rare earth elements, halloysite and magnesium.

South Australia’s universities are at the cutting edge of geoscience and research of resources processing. The recent establishment of the Australian Critical Minerals Research Centre in the University of Adelaide, the first such facility in Australia and one of only a few of its kind worldwide, will carry out multidisciplinary research in the discovery and extraction of critical minerals to benefit society.

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