Green Economy

Converting net zero solutions into a green economy requires significant data infrastructure, trusted data and data governance, and the ability to turn this data into economic value by accounting for carbon in the economy.

South Australia’s unique offer:

  • world-leading green credentials
  • stable government with strong policy frameworks
  • world-class artificial intelligence and data analytics capabilities
  • internationally recognised education and research expertise
  • knowledge-based workforce

'South Australia is a window to the future for energy system transformation’

Mark Twidell, 
Director Energy, Tesla

South Australian Government partners with Salesforce on net zero cloud

"South Australia has a great sustainability track record. This world-first collaboration with the South Australian Government will help accelerate the state’s transition to net zero."

Barry Dietrich,
GM and SVP | Public Sector APAC

South Australia leads the world in renewables

2021 share of wind and solar electricity production by region

Source: Enerdata 2021, DTI analysis

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South Australia leading the nation

South Australia's energy journey

Source: OpenNEM, DTI analysis, excludes imports/exports, battery charge/discharge cycles, distilates

  • More than 1kW of solar PV installed per capita (>1800MW).

  • Construction has commenced on Neoen's "Goyder South" stage 1 representing 412 MW of wind and approximately $900 million.

  • Proposed SA Government-owned hydrogen power plant with 200 MW power generation and 250 MWe electrolyser with 3600 tonne storage facility.

  • Commercial operation of South Australia’s 22nd wind farm.

  • More than 12,000 homes with a VPP-capable home battery installed.

  • Upsized the world’s original big battery to 150MW and commercial operation of the state’s 3rd big battery.
            Research and Capability

           Global tech companies innovating in Adelaide

Indo-Pacific Carbon Accounting Lab

Collaborate with like-minded partners to implement customised net zero solutions.

Established in Adelaide, the Indo-Pacific Carbon Accounting Lab brings together industry, government, and researchers to test and deploy next generation carbon accounting standards and systems.

Improved transparency and accuracy
Focusing on data integrity and the provenance of inputs across the entire supply chain – creating trusted and accurate carbon data.

Cost of Capital
ESG risk increasingly apportioned to companies as they seek investment capital or loans. A favourable ESG rating can result in lower cost of capital for governments and companies.

Effectively measure and manage supply chain emissions in near real-time
Improving the use of real-world and near real-time data will enable better management of emissions through supply chains. Finance companies will be better able to track changes over time resulting in more accurate and reliable sustainability reporting.

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South Australia's Green Economy
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