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South Australia is turning world leading renewable energy into a world leading green economy.

Globally,  the transition to net-zero has been estimated to be a $70 trillion to $100 trillion economic opportunity. This includes shifting the energy mix away from fossil fuels toward zero-emissions electricity and other low-emission energy sources such as green hydrogen. It also requires significant investments in data infrastructure and analytics capability which will underpin opportunities to turn this data into economic value by better accounting for carbon in the economy.

Strategic projects toward a green economy

We are undertaking strategic projects related to data and technology, green energy production and agricultural production, and agricultural production including value-adding to waste products.

South Australia's green economy

South Australia’s unique offer:

  • world-leading green credentials and global leader in wind and solar electricity production
  • stable government with strong policy frameworks
  • world-class artificial intelligence and data analytics capabilities
  • internationally recognised education and research expertise
  • knowledge-based workforce

'South Australia is a window to the future for green energy system transformation’

Mark Twidell, 
Director Energy, Tesla

Research and capability in South Australia

The systems and data infrastructure that need to be developed and implemented to deliver a truly green economy are significant and complex and require global collaboration and innovation.

Not one country, company, government or university can develop the whole solution on their own. In recognition of this challenge, South Australia is bringing together some of the world’s best talent from across multiple sectors and companies to develop the trusted solutions that are required to meet this global challenge.

South Australia is home to the collaborative innovation precincts of Tonsley, a member of the Global Network of Innovative Districts, Lot Fourteen that boasts world-leading capabilities in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics with the Australian Institute for Machine Learning (AIML) and the state has an ongoing partnership with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Connection Science.

Turning world leading renewable energy and technological capability into a world leading green economy

South Australia has successfully attracted world-leading technology companies and capabilities in artificial intelligence and machine learning to the state, forming a compelling location for businesses looking to establish themselves in one of the world’s largest growth sectors: net zero services.
Converting net zero solutions into a green economy requires significant data infrastructure, trusted data and data governance, and the ability to turn this data into economic value by accounting for carbon in the economy.

South Australian Government partners with Salesforce on net zero cloud

"South Australia has a great sustainability track record. This world-first collaboration with the South Australian Government will help accelerate the state’s transition to net zero."

Barry Dietrich,
GM and SVP | Public Sector APAC

Established in Adelaide, the Indo-Pacific Carbon Accounting Lab focusses on building the systems for accurately accounting for emissions to enable the transition to net zero.

Presenting opportunities to collaborate with like-minded partners, the Indo-Pacific Carbon Accounting Lab brings together industry, government, and researchers to test and deploy next generation carbon accounting standards, systems, and customised net zero solutions.

Improved transparency and accuracy

Focusing on data integrity and the provenance of inputs across the entire supply chain – creating trusted and accurate carbon data.

Cost of capital

ESG risk increasingly apportioned to companies as they seek investment capital or loans. A favourable ESG rating can result in lower cost of capital for governments and companies.

Effectively measure and manage supply chain emissions in near real-time

Improving the use of real-world data will enable better management of emissions through supply chains. Companies will be better able to track changes over time resulting in more accurate and reliable sustainability reporting.

Singapore-Australia Green Economy agreement

The Singapore-Australia Green Economy Agreement (GEA) was signed by Trade Ministers on 18 October 2022. The GEA is a first-of-its-kind agreement that supports Australia's economic, trade, investment, and climate change objectives, with initial work under the GEA spanning seven key areas:

1.     trade and investment
2.     standards and conformance assessments
3.     green and transition finance
4.     carbon markets
5.     clean energy, decarbonisation, and technology
6.     skills and capabilities
7.     engagements and partnerships.

Facts and figures: South Australia leads the world in renewable energy

South Australia is committed to building an economy that is low in carbon, resource efficient and socially inclusive.

The World Economic Forum recognised South Australia in 2021 as having one of the world’s greenest energy systems. In 2022, over 70 per cent of the state’s energy grids needs were met by renewable energy.

South Australia's energy journey

Source: OpenNEM, analysis, excludes imports/exports, battery charge/discharge cycles, distillates 2023

* AEMO 2022 

South Australia leads the world in wind and solar generation (2021)

Source: Enerdata 2021 analysis


South Australia is well on the way to becoming a world-class supplier of clean hydrogen.

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South Australia is leading all Australian mainland states in renewable energy with over 70% of energy already produced through wind and solar.
Source: OpenNEM, Contribution to electricity generation by state, period January 2022 to December 2022


South Australia's Green Economy
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