“South Australia is a window to the future for energy system transformation”

Mark Twidell, Director Energy, Tesla

  • World class renewable and mineral resources 
    South Australia has the wind, sun, land, infrastructure and skills

  • Integrated clean energy network
    We are on track to our 100% target by 2030 with ambitions to generate 500% of the current local grid demand by 2050

  • Technology and commodity agnostic
    Our vision is to have multiple export scale hydrogen production facilities: liquid hydrogen (LH2), ammonia (NH3) and liquid organic hydrogen carriers (LOHC)

  • Strong community support
    97% of South Australians desire renewables as their main source of energy

  • Supportive investor environment
    South Australia has a ‘one window to government’ dedicated account management system, streamlining regulatory approvals

  • A world leading regulatory regime
    Well defined regulatory framework with bipartisan support for renewables and clean hydrogen

South Australia's hydrogen journey

A stunning transformation

* AEMO 2021-22

South Australia leads the world in renewables

2021 share of wind and solar electricity production by region

Source: Enerdata 2021, DTI analysis

  • More than 1kW of solar PV installed per capita (>1800MW).

  • Construction has commenced on Neoen's "Goyder South" stage 1 representing 412 MW of wind and approximately $900 million.

  • Proposed SA Government-owned hydrogen power plant with 200 MW power generation and 250 MWe electrolyser with 3600 tonne storage facility.

  • Commercial operation of South Australia’s 22nd wind farm.

  • More than 12,000 homes with a VPP-capable home battery installed.

  • Upsized the world’s original big battery to 150MW and commercial operation of the state’s 3rd big battery.
68% of Australia's quality wind and solar generating land in South Australia
More than 76% of SA's electricity generation came from clean, renewable technologies*
* For the month of November 2021, Renewable energy generation data from OpenNEM.

Renewable Energy Potential

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