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South Australia is known as the Defence State – home to $90 billion worth of defence projects.

Major defence companies across maritime, aerospace, land, systems and cyber domains have their headquarters in Adelaide.

Our global supply chain, access to aerospace primes, strategic intelligence and reconnaissance capabilities make us Australia’s defence superbase.

Investing in Defence

Our reputation as the Defence State attracts global defence industries to progress innovative, world-class research and development projects, using our highly skilled workforce.

We have a proven track record for developing a highly skilled workforce for major defence projects, and our partnerships with higher education facilities and technical colleges stand us apart.

Our infrastructure is amongst the best in the world, including Osborne Naval Shipyard, one of the world’s most advanced shipbuilding facilities, based in Adelaide.

All three of our universities have a defence industry liaison person to make it easy to connect to the defence industry.

Investment advantages

South Australia is forming global supply chains and our $90 billion defence projects are attracting a strong core of defence related enterprises.
Other maritime projects include the Air Warfare Destroyer, sustainment of Collins Class Submarines; landing helicopter dock mission systems, ANZAC ship combat systems and submarine integrated ship control management and monitoring systems.
The Australian Government’s Centre for Defence Industry Capability is headquartered in Adelaide and joins up the innovation and expertise of the Australian defence industry.
The Next Generation Technology Fund is a $730 million fund that focuses on research and development in emerging and future technologies for application within defence systems and platforms.

Connected ecosystem

South Australian researchers have a strong culture of cross-university, government and industry collaboration in high technology sectors supporting the innovative development, enhancement and construction of major defence capabilities, including hi-tech industries, creative industries and space.
Defence SA works closely with defence and industry to support investment and expansion opportunities, drive and support the delivery of major defence projects and facilities and pursues the location of additional defence units and capabilities in the state.

Defence Science and Technology is part of Australia’s Department of Defence dedicated to providing science and technology support for Australia’s defence and national security needs.

Primary contact

Looking to identify opportunities, strategic partnerships and get advice on the South Australian Defence sector

Gavin Artz

Director, Creative Industries and Hi-tech (Acting Director Defence and ICN)

Department for Trade and Investment

Creative Industries, Hi-tech, Defence and ICN

+61 417 083 174

Case studies

French cyber tech giant Squad lands

The first phase of the company’s internationalisation has been the opening of Squad Australia CS which will serve as a gateway to the Asia Pacific region in the longer term.

I have had many discussions about a move to Adelaide and I’m delighted they have made the decision to come to Lot Fourteen

Eric Guillerm