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South Australia is a world leading digital health ecosystem

The world's most forward thinking and innovative companies are in Adelaide for digital health

Establishing your business in South Australia provides a unique opportunity to link globally significant health datasets, world-leading health and medical research and cutting edge technology capabilities. 

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South Australia's world-leading capabilities in digital healthcare with AI and data analytics

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Digital Health CRC, a $200 million investment that has established the largest digital health collaborative in the world, has selected South Australia as the home for their new innovation and commercialisation hub, ‘Digital Hive’. This new hub aims to unlock the potential of innovative technologies to solve the most pressing healthcare challenges. It will shape the future of digital health, working at the intersection of healthcare, big data and AI.
Google Cloud has selected Adelaide as a centre for digital health innovation, attracted by the combination of the city’s hi-tech capabilities and world leading data ecosystem.

South Australia’s digital health innovation ecosystem

Collaboration is in our DNA here in South Australia. Co-located in South Australia's digital health innovation ecosystem are some of the high-profile businesses, academia, industry bodies and government.

  • Lot Fourteen

    Lot Fourteen is a space that fosters collaboration and innovation across sectors and disciplines, including defence and space, artificial intelligence, digital health, machine learning and robotics, cyber security and creative industries.

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  • Australian Institute for Machine Learning (AIML)

    The Australian Institute for Machine Learning is working with the defence sector on how to make the best decisions in rapidly changing scenarios.

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  • MIT Adelaide Living Lab

    We are the only Australian state to have a globally unique collaboration between Massachusetts Institute of Technology, government and business with Adelaide's Living Lab – which is using data analytics to shape future planning decisions.

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  • Adelaide BioMed City

    Adelaide Biomed City is one of the largest health and life sciences clusters in the Southern Hemisphere and brings together research, education, clinical care and business development.

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  • South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI)

    South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) is South Australia's first independent flagship health and medical research institute.

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