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South Australia provides significant opportunities for ecotourism experiences and luxurious accommodation.

With close proximity to Asia, visitation numbers are high, bringing opportunities for investment into the state’s tourism sector.

South Australia’s strong domestic tourism is underpinned by the state’s reputation as a world-class holiday destination with unique experiences such as Kangaroo Island and Port Lincoln.

Investing in Tourism

Tourism is a fast-growing sector in South Australia and the South Australian Tourism Commission is committed to growing the state’s visitor economy to $12.8 billion by 2030 – up from $7.2 billion – with 16,000 new tourism jobs to be created by 2030.

To sustain this growth, South Australia’s tourism sector is open to foreign investment to maintain the balance between supply and demand.

South Australia’s capital city, Adelaide, has experienced great investment growth in tourism accommodation, with five-star hotels such as SkyCity providing further tourism choices and experiences.

To learn more about how we can grow South Australia's industry, view the Tourism Sector Plan.

Investment advantages

South Australia’s ease of doing business with payroll tax advantages and land tax opportunities contributing to the state’s reputation of a robust and resilient economy.

The state’s internationally acclaimed events calendar, featuring the Tour Down Under, Adelaide Fringe, world-class motorsport and many more, attracts visitors from around the world to experience our diverse attractions.

With a city less than 10kms from the beach and 10kms from the sprawling hills, South Australia offers a world-class and diverse nature-based experience for visitors and is unlike anywhere else in Australia.

Connected ecosystem

To ensure South Australia’s tourism sector thrives, the Department for Trade and Investment works closely with the South Australian Tourism Commission to deliver investment opportunities and high-class experiences.

The Department for Trade and Investment works across all levels of government, with the Regional Development Authority and the government’s overseas offices to provide support to investors.

The Tourism sector team provide a bespoke client management service to investors looking to develop a tourism offering in South Australia. The team can facilitation introductions and engagement with stakeholders such as regulators, transport and infrastructure, training providers and are on hand to showcase the sector and all it offers.

Investment opportunities

Primary contact

Help for investing in South Australia's Tourism sector

Taliessin Reaburn

Director - International education and Tourism

Leading opportunities for international education, research and development innovations across global partnerships and promoting South Australia’s tourism offering through sustainable tourism developments and experiences.


+61 435 319 244

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