The David Roche Foundation Redevelopment

Currently, the David Roche Foundation is a house museum in Adelaide's North, Melbourne Street. The collection of over 3500 items spans the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and includes European furniture, ceramics, metal ware, clocks and paintings, is remarkable in its quality and range. It contains many luxury works by leading designers displaying exquisite workmanship, as well as the quirky and playful, and as such reflects the many interests and engaging personality of its creator.

The sheer quality of the collection, however, its focus and the current state of the arts in Adelaide, offer the opportunity to extend its services to the community at a level far beyond its current capability. The potential lies in undertaking a major development of the fabric and facilities, from which to extend the quality and quantity of programs, bringing to the museum higher attendances, visibility and profile, with an enduring social, public and economic benefit to all Australians.

On the precept that the museum and its collection can fulfil a major role in the cultural, social and economic well-being of the State and its community, a four- stage development plan is being proposed:

Stage 1: an eight-point capital development to broaden the scope of the museum through a new build, as well as the structural re-development of sections of the existing site. With extended internal facilities, a state of the art auditorium, galleries, research library, retail, fine dining (outdoor and indoor) and luxury accommodation, it will offer visitors a complete experience.

Stage 2: offers enhanced core activity programs (visitation, exhibitions and lectures) to an even higher level, introducing a range of new and innovative events around the collection.

Stage 3: introduces training and educational programs, covering professional development, research, internships, outreach and other arts related activities.

Stage 4: is designed to elevate the world-wide perception of Adelaide as a centre for the arts, attracting artists, exhibitors, collectors, performers and, crucially, interstate and overseas visitors.
The 'complete experience' that the Foundation will achieve through the capital program encapsulates the combined visitor benefits of the innovatively designed and extended facilities, allowing space, variety, convenience, comfort and flexibility. Visitors may combine a visit with a specialty dining experience, arrange a private event, visit the house museum on a tour or enjoy an exhibition at one's own leisure, purchase memorabilia from the retail outlet, enjoy membership privileges, and ultimately combine with luxury accommodation. The complete experience will infuse quality and versatility into innovative programs and cultural enjoyment, with the collection as the anchor that holds it all together.

Taken together, the different elements of the capital program will raise all the Foundation's core activities to a new level of appreciation and utilisation; and the combined visitor attendance to near full potential of +25,000 per annum.

The capital expenditure to complete Stage 1 of the program requires a total spend of around $16 million. Of this, $3.475 million is already committed from the Foundation’s endowment corpus, the maximum affordable without damaging its revenue base. The capital funding gap sets the fundraising target for which support from key stakeholders is now sought.

Investment opportunity

The Stage 1 capital fundraising target is the initial $12-13 million spend-down, to finance the building program, which must be funded by external sources over a three year period.

The annual fundraising target of $480,860 is the projected requirement if it is to deliver the entire program of core activities, educational, outreach and macro initiatives of Stages 2, 3 and 4.
To fund the capital program at $12-13 million, the Foundation is running an extensive campaign for a limited number of major gifts.

For both capital and annual campaigns the funding gap target can be segmented into meaningful and appealable parts of the whole, or bite-sizes. In this way, donors may direct their gift towards those parts of the plan which resonate most closely with their interests and empathies, satisfying the double motivation of supporting one particular area, and also contributing to the funding gap for completion of the entire project.

Financial support for both the capital and annual campaigns is the foundation on which the aspirations and benefits of the development plan will be built. Bite-size giving options are offered, either as a single gift, or over time, and as an endowment where applicable.

For more detail on gifts to the Foundation please contact Marc Allgrove or Robert Reason.
Marc Allgrove – / +61 448 671 815
Robert Reason - / +61 8 8267 3677

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