Nonowie Station - Renewable energy site for wind, solar and energy storage

Nonowie Station's location, typography and climate make the property well-suited to renewable energy with the potential to host both wind, solar and energy storage.

Key points:
ElectraNet - Eyre Peninsula Link traverses across approx. 14 kilometres of the Nonowie Station site.
Location: approx. 14.5 kilometres from Whyalla, South Australia.
Land: approx. 55,000 acres
Solar power generation
Wind power generation
Energy storage

Investment opportunity

Direct investment into a renewable energy site for a potential large scale energy project suited for wind, solar and or energy storage.

Investment sought: To be negotiated.

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Project status update

Nonowie Station is currently available for a renewable energy development.

Project dependencies

Nonowie Station has vast areas of treeless plains and range land. A large scale project could be developed with minimal environmental impact during the development process. Furthermore the land falls under crown lease and free hold so is not governed by the pastoral board.

Technology utilised

ElectraNet is close to completing the new double-circuit 132kV electricity transmission line.
Solar power generation is identified as having a yearly average direct nominal irradiance (DNI) that is above 23.5mj/m2.
Wind power generation has a predicted mesoscale wind speed of 7.31 metres per second or higher at a height of 80m above ground level.

Project highlights

  • ElectraNet - Eyre Peninsula Link runs through Nonowie Station for the length of 14 kms.
  • Solar power generation on the property is within the most suitable zone on the Government's Renewable Energy Solar Energy Atlas Map. The main electricity transmission line between Whyalla and Port Lincoln runs through the site.
  • Wind power generation is within the most suitable zone on the Government's Renewable Energy Wind Energy Atlas Map. Under the Planning & Design Code, pursuant to the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016, the majority of the site is zoned Remote Areas with a small portion of the site, along the coast, zoned Conservation.

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