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Greenhill Energy is an integrated solution-based manufacturer, focussed on upcycling sustainable biomass and landfill waste into low-cost clean hydrogen energy and high-value industrial products. Our vision is to ultimately stop all waste going to landfill.

Greenhill Energy's flagship project, the Riverbend Energy Hub, is targeting to be Australia’s first fully integrated processing facility to convert landfill waste and sustainable biomass into high value products such as fertilisers and synthetic fuels, and into low-cost clean hydrogen for use in emission free power and transport.

At full scale the Riverbend Energy Hub will divert a staggering 200,000 tonnes of waste from landfill sites. It will manufacture over 100,000 tonnes of urea fertilizers, and it's projected to generate over $200 million in revenue annually.

Riverbend Energy Hub is strategically located within close proximity to the 275kV electricity transmission Heywood Interconnector, the South East Australia Gas (SEA Gas) high pressure gas pipeline, the freight roads connecting Adelaide with Melbourne and Sydney, and within the freight rail corridor.

Greenhill Energy is progressing with a global roll-out of its proposed patented integrated waste-to-hydrogen process, with potential for national and international expansion opportunities through project replication and licensing.

Investment opportunity

- Series A capital raise as equity or other structuring as agreed
- Open to discussion of JV arrangements
- Open to discussing off take arrangements with interested parties for power and/or products in conjunction with investment discussions

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Project status update

Progressing approvals and FEED for Riverbend Energy Hub Stages 1,2&3 (under South Australian Government 'Essential Infrastructure' Crown Sponsorship).

Project dependencies

Riverbend Energy Hub is subject to all government and regulatory approvals and reaching final investment decision.
Greenhill Energy's patent remains subject to national and international ongoing approval processes.

Technology utilised

Greenhill Energy's preferred technology for the conversion of sustainable biomass and landfill waste to hydrogen is the globally proven gasification process. Gasification converts these ‘feedstock’ materials into a syngas that can then be processed and separated using conventional methods into high-quality hydrogen (H2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) gas streams. Using other proven industrial processes, these gas streams can be recombined, together with other inputs such as nitrogen and oxygen (sourced from the air), and water in the form of steam, to manufacture high-value products for use locally in existing Australian domestic markets.

Financial information

Investment sought: A$8M - A$9M

Project highlights

  • Stage 1 will see the construction of a single gasifier that can process up to c.60,000 tons per annum of dry biomass or waste feedstock, and an associated integrated Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) plant to sell the energy produced into the wholesale electricity market.
  • Stage 2 includes the doubling of gasification capacity up to c.120,000 tons per annum of dry biomass and waste feedstock, and construction of full waste-to-hydrogen manufacturing facilities through to an ammonia-urea plant.
  • Stage 3 sees connection of Riverbend Energy Hub to the gas market via a lateral pipeline and an expansion of power generation to include four fast start Open Cycle Gas Turbines (OCGT) to compliment variable renewable energy sources, ultimately targeting to run on 100% clean hydrogen fuel. Hydrogen supply opportunities are expanded to include vehicle refuelling and direct supply to the gas market.

Key organisations

  • Greenhill Energy

Project timelines

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