Mrs Clucks Paddock Raised Eggs

Mrs Clucks is an operating brand selling high quality open paddock raised eggs in South Australia and seeking investment to grow hen flocks under management using our business model and focus on farming approach. Primary use of funds is to acquire additional chickens and grow our operational team.
Our valuation is based on a funds that have already been contributed and valuation of contributions made by Directors and founders that represent a combined 100 years in business.

Investment opportunity

Seeking equity, debt finance and/or convertible debt/equity.

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Investor information

Financial information

Investment sought: A$100K - A$300K


No documents provided.

Project status update

Mrs Clucks is operating and reaching profitable status after establishing its markets, processes and business model. The funds sought will allow the company to continue to grow and meet expanding demand.
A full Information memorandum is available on request and establishment of credentials.

Project dependencies

None known

Technology utilised

All technologies are owned by the company and licensed for manufacture in South Australia.

Project highlights

  • Established growing markets including export interstate
  • HACCP systems audited and approved allowing for entry into wider market segments
  • Achieved first level of scale, funds are for expansion

Key organisations


Project timelines

Expected start date
November 19, 2021

Expected end date

Funding round finish date



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