Reducing Carbon Footprint in Farmed Livestock Production

Following research conducted by CSIRO in Australia, in conjunction with James Cook University, and Meat and Livestock Australia, Thisjoy are establishing a land based facility to produce the methane reducing stock feed additive bromoform contained in the sea weed Asparagopsis .

The site of 114 Hectares ( 281 acres) situated on the Spencer Gulf in South Australia has the climate to produce both naturally occurring local varieties of Asparagopsis ( Taxiforma and Amarda). Significant initial earth works on site are already complete.

The methane reducing qualities of this product is well documented by CSIRO(
Proposal is to develop carbon neutral, state of the art facility from production to distribution with a significant in-house laboratory for testing and analysis, seaweed nursery, growing areas, drying facility and packaging.

Working closely with South Australian Department of Trade and Investment, South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI), Primary Industries Regions SA.(PIRSA) and local community.

Investment opportunity

or J/V

Financial information

Investment sought: A$6M - A$10M

Project highlights

  • Global demand, scientifically proven ( www.research.csiro)
  • Local Community and State Government support.
  • Directors with experience in aquaculture, earthmoving, marketing, production systems, building, organic food production, financial management and taxation, exit strategy for Investor

Project timelines

Expected start date
March 31, 2021

Expected end date

Funding round finish date
February 26, 2021


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