Lamb Feedlot Expansion and Vertical Integration

Pride Agriculture Group (PAG) are experienced operators in the lamb feedlot industry who are passionate about paving the way for the production of quality, environmentally conscious lamb meat through the use of market leading technology, and the promotion of high animal health and welfare standards.
1. Acquire, develop and expand the lamb feedlot, with an aim to triple the annual capacity to 300,000 lambs. With the current business trajectory PAG aims to produce 135 tons of boxed export lamb meat per week by the end of 2023.
2. Acquire quality lamb breeding pastoral country. Sourcing optimal store lambs for the feedlot is the biggest risk in the industry: integrating store lamb production into the business is intended to mitigate the risk and increase profitability. Pastoral properties will be acquired through a disciplined acquisition program using a science based due-diligence approach to focus on the purchase of high-quality properties and breeding stock to support the growth in the feedlot.
3. Brand and market Pride Agriculture meats. Once targets of producing 135 tons of boxed meat per week have been met, marketing and branding can begin to try and export our own quality, grain fed Australian lamb.

Investment opportunity

Seeking Equity Finance

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Financial information

Investment sought: A$200M - A$300M


Project status update

The projected expansion of the feedlot has gained approval by regulators for the majority of regulatory hurdles and now just awaits the final stages of approval which is expected shortly. The local community and regulators have been highly supportive of the project due to the economic benefits to the local and state economies.

Project dependencies


Technology utilised

- A “paddock to plate” individual animal tracking system.
- An automated feeding system developed that only requires a grain and supplement mix to be fed to the sheep. This technology produces high conversion rates, a reduction in labour costs and minimises feed wastage as well lowering the carbon footprint.
- Labour optimisation systems to help deliver strong operating profits.

Project highlights

  • The feedlot is now displaying the best conversion rates in the beef and sheep feedlot sector and delivering ~30-50% EBITDA returns.

Project timelines

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