Healthy Marketplace

Currently organisations and individuals needing health products or services must use multiple channels to find, access and procure the solutions that best meet their needs.

This often requires multiple transactions across different websites that are not coordinated in terms of product/service fulfilment or links to available funding sources such as NDIS, Aged Care Package, Insurance Claims, Employer funding etc.

Providers and practitioners that share the same customer/patient are also not linked making it difficult to collaborate where the patient requires/desires a multidisciplinary approach to their health needs.

The Healthy Marketplace platform (a) asks questions to guides the selection of the right health solution(s), (b) recommends the practitioners/providers that match the recommended solutions so they can be reviewed and compared, (c) allows preferred solutions to be purchased and/or booked and where relevant (d) facilitates the use/part use of available NDIS or other fund sources.

Practitioners/providers independently fulfill their required orders and (with patient/customer permission) are also able to understand and collaborate to ensure a holistic interaction in terms of the health/care outcomes desired.

All providers in the Healthy Marketplace are members of the Healthy Collective network working together to create a shared care approach where a person’s total health needs are understood and incorporated into each providers perspective.

The Healthy Marketplace also allows participants such as consumers and organisations to rate the quality of the products and services they experience, creating testimonials for the benefit of others with the same need(s).

Online health forums creating online interactions between consumers, providers and practitioners in areas of common interest are also a feature of the Healthy Marketplace. Deidentified aggregated data in the system is also collated, analysed and reported to inform public and private health stakeholders and research organisations.

Investment opportunity

The Healthy Marketplace is an ideal investment for stakeholders looking to benefit from the significant opportunity in Australia as well as the potential for rapid overseas expansion.

Equity Finance of between AUD$2.5-3m is being sought.

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None known

Technology utilised

A technology customer/provider e-commerce platform has been developed, trialled and successfully utilised in the market. Diagnostic, testimonial, analytical and integrated care modules are currently under development.

Financial information

Investment sought: A$2.5M - A$3M

Project timelines

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