Hawk Jnr Single Stage to Orbit Launch Vehicle

Developing a single stage launch vehicle to reach Low Earth Orbit.
The Hawk Jnr is a liquid methane fueled vehicle currently being designed to be built in Australia.
The Hawk Jnr will have the capability to carry payloads up to 75kg into orbit.
The Hawk Jnr will be launched from a mobile launch platform, with the ability to be launched at short notice for satellite replacement, urgent launch or replacement launch.

Investment opportunity

JES is seeking equity finance and partners to join in reaching for the stars . This is a stepping stone for the JES and we are open to negotiations.

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Project highlights

  • The swift engine has completed designs and been run through simulations.
  • Design of the turbo pump for propellant and oxidiser is almost complete and initial prototype print for inspection has been completed.
  • Negotiations are underway for a contract company to assist with avionics and satellite bus.

Key organisations

  • Jarmyn Enterprise Space Pty Limited

Project timelines

Expected start date
July 01, 2020

Expected end date

Funding round finish date




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