Bluebush Solar

The Bluebush Solar project is being developed by DP Energy. Bluebush Solar is a hybrid renewable energy power station comprising a solar photovoltaic (PV) farm with an installed capacity of up to 500MW(AC), one or more battery storage facilities of up to 400MW(AC) capacity and one or more synchronous condenser facilities providing up to 3000MW.s of real inertia.

There is project flexibility and design optimisation potential for this site, not all components need to be built, and the capacity of the Solar PV and Battery can be reduced/staged.

The solar PV component of the project, covering an area of up to 880 hectares will be situated to the eastern side of the Augusta Highway, approximately 12km east-southeast of Port Augusta, South Australia.

The storage technology proposed for the project is likely to be either some form of lithium-ion technology, or flow-battery technology.

Bluebush Solar is located entirely within the Port Augusta City Council local Government area and has a predicted life of approximately 25 years, after which time it will either be decommissioned and remediated or repowered with new equipment.

Investment opportunity

Various options will be considered i.e. investment partner and or owner operator. Project capex: depends on configuration.

Financial information

Investment sought: Not applicable

Key organisations

  • DP Energy Australia Pty Ltd

Project timelines

Expected start date

Expected end date

Funding round finish date