Australia Plains Solar Project (APSP)

APSP solar farm will play an important role in contributing to both the increasing need for affordable, sustainable, renewable energy and in tackling the global issues of climate change.
The project consists of a large-scale solar photovoltaic generation facility, potentially including battery storage upon request, with an estimated capacity of 150MW, enough to power over 69,363 houses. Further decisions around alternatives will be made during detailed design with a view to minimising environmental and social impacts while maintaining the investment viability.

Investment opportunity

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Investor information


Project status update

Connection Application: Connection Option Report Received, Generator Performance Standards in progress.
Development Application: Section 49 in progress.
Land secured, 841 Acres.
Estimated Shovel Ready date: end of Year 2022

Project dependencies


Technology utilised

System Specifications: 191.6 MWp, 154.8 MWac
Annual Energy Generation: 417,845MWh

Financial information

Investment sought: A$200M - A$250M

Project highlights

  • Above 10% annual return of investment in average (over 30 years)
  • 250,000 tonnes of carbon emission saved per year, equivalent to taking over 90,250 cars off the road.
  • 150MW installation capable of generating 417,845MWh of electricity per year.

Key organisations

  • Green Gold Energy

Project timelines

Expected start date
May 01, 2019

Expected end date
December 31, 2022

Funding round finish date



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