South Australian orbital launch and suborbital launch sites

Southern Launch is seeking to leverage the growing demand for orbital launch services within the civilian market. In 2020 alone, over 130 micro/small lift rocket manufacturers were looking to utilise locations from which to test and operate their launch vehicles and place orbital payloads into Sun-Synchronous and Polar orbits.

Southern Launch has secured two sites that directly cater to both elements of demand within this growing market segment:

1) Whalers Way Orbital Launch Complex: A 1,190-hectare site located at the tip of the Eyre Peninsula. This site offers an optimal location for high-inclination launches for North/South orbits, which means a smaller number of Satellites are required to observe the entire globe, thus creating significant commercial opportunities and applications for Defence.

2) Koonibba Test Range: Southern Launch has further secured an additional site at Koonibba (40km north west of Ceduna, South Australia) to serve as a sub-orbital test range, with proximity to Whalers Way. Sub-orbital testing capability is a key enabler to orbital launches.

With a number of client MOUs and contracts already in place, and strong support from the South Australian Government, planning and approvals for construction of the launch and testing complexes are progressing. Southern Launch is well placed to commence construction and deliver launch services to its growing client-base.

Investment opportunity

Seeking investment funding

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Financial information

Investment sought: A$12M

Project highlights

  • Australia‚Äôs First Sun-Synchronous and Polar Launch Site providing sovereign launch capability and rapid access to space for Australian and international clients.
  • Strong pipeline of committed customers with robust launch demand.
  • Attractive bespoke service offerings.

Project timelines

Expected start date
November 01, 2020

Expected end date

Funding round finish date



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