Quantum Graphite's Uley 2 Project - Graphite

Mineral Resources and Reserves (JORC 2012):
Total Mineral Resources (Uley 2, Stage 1) 6.3Mt @ 11.10% TGC and Total Ore Reserves 4.0Mt @ 11.89% TGC.
Processing path and methodology:
Production of minimum 55,000 tonnes of high-purity coarse flake graphite.
The plant will accept run-of-mine ore and liberate graphite particles through crushing and grinding followed by flotation and polishing sections which will be critical for enhanced flake graphite recoveries and upgrading graphite flake to maximise purity and coarse flake size.

Investment opportunity

Off-take agreement in place with The Sunlands Company Pty Ltd for approximately 20% of annual production for its thermal storage applications.
Seeking other off-take agreements.
Seeking further processing opportunities.
Seeking joint-venture partners.

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Investor information

Financial information

Investment sought: Not applicable


Project status update

Project Status: DFS completed.
Government approval status: All approvals sought pursuant to a Program for Environmental Protection and Rehabilitation (PERP).
Scheduled start of operation of mine: Q1 2022.
Current expected mine-life: Uley 2 (Stage 1) - 12 years.
Expected start date - Immediate upon confirmation of funding.
Expected end date - Production commences within 18 months of close of funding.
Funding round finish date - 31 December 2021.
DFS projected capital costs - A$95million.

Project dependencies


Technology utilised

Advanced polishing process for the production of high purity coarse flake for thermal applications including the refractory industry and other critical thermal management market sectors e.g. foils and expandables.
Quantum is the only graphite company that has designed and developed proprietary advanced processing technologies for the production of graphite products for the energy and renewables industry.

Project highlights

  • Only graphite company that has a decades long history of supplying major European and north Asian refractory manufacturers.
  • Only graphite company that has an exclusive arrangement with Sunlands Co., a leading thermal energy storage technology company for the supply of graphite.
  • Only graphite company that can service both the emerging electric vehicle demand for graphite and the renewables industry through the supply of ultra-high purity products.

Key organisations

  • Quantum Graphite

Project timelines

Expected start date
March 31, 2022

Expected end date

Funding round finish date
December 31, 2021




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