Why South Australia

Invest South Australia

Why South Australia

Partnering for growth

South Australia is a place where brilliant minds develop business ideas, test and sell them to the world.

Dedicated, collaborative state-of-the-art innovation precincts, including Lot Fourteen and Tonsley, attract some of the world’s best talent.

We’re home to pioneering enterprise, exciting new industries and a progressive, prosperous society.

Investment opportunities in South Australia

Investing in South Australia

South Australia is rich in many ways, from its diverse natural resources to the bold, enterprising people who call it home. Here, a unique blend of environment, talent and government come together to create opportunities and outcomes that simply can’t happen anywhere else. It is the perfect place to bring ambition to life.

Attracting brilliant minds from all over the globe, we are a place of connection for future-focused industries. Our sectors co-exist in critical technology hubs and research centres, forging collaborative ecosystems that open doors and inspire new ways of thinking.

Adelaide is ideally placed for businesses to access not only the Australian market, but also key, fast-growing Asian markets such as China, India and South East Asia.

Our unique blend of commerce, creativity and lifestyle, underpins our state’s economic development.

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Better for business

  • Premium city office accommodation

    • 58% cheaper than Sydney
    • 37% cheaper than Melbourne
    • 34% cheaper than Brisbane.
    [Source: Colliers CBD Office Research & Forecast Report | H1 | 2021 | CBD Office] 
  • Competitive labour costs

    • No payroll tax for wages under $1.5 million
    • Average workers’ compensation premiums are lower than Victoria and New South Wales
    • Average wages are 11.5% below the national average, 14.5% lower than New South Wales and 11% lower than Victoria.
  • A more liveable city

    • Adelaide is one of the most affordable capital cities in Australia
    • Greater access than Sydney and Melbourne to housing, hospitals, higher education, independent schools, dining, shopping, beaches and fitness.
  • Dynamic collaboration spaces

    • Lot Fourteen hosts the Australian Space Agency and growing capabilities in defence and hi-tech
    • Tonsley Innovation District features premier high-value manufacturing and is recognised for reimagining and redeveloping traditional manufacturing
    • Adelaide BioMed City, one of the largest in the Southern Hemisphere, is home to over 2,000 researchers.
  • High-capacity infrastructure

    • Ten Gigabit Adelaide is a revolutionary high-performance 10Gbps fibre optic data network enabling high volume data exchange
    • GigCity connects businesses to ultra-fast and affordable gigabit internet, up to 1,000 times faster than the national average.
  • Massive defence investment

    • The AUKUS alliance and defence project will cement South Australia’s position as the shipbuilding capital of Australia with nuclear-powered submarines set to be built at the world-class Osborne Naval Shipyard
    • The Collins Class submarine sustainment program and upgrades to the Hobart Class destroyer combat management systems will also occur in South Australia, creating opportunities for the state’s defence supply chain.
  • Connected ecosystem

    South Australia embraces collaboration and working in partnership across sectors to create an ecosystem that brings business together to research, inspire and develop commercial outcomes.

    Our government works side-by-side with global entities and grassroots enterprises to provide a seamless and fully immersive experience, aligning policy and ambition to make great things happen.
  • Industry in South Australia

    Our state is world-renowned for its collaborative ecosystem that provides industry with access to the best minds in business, academia, research and government. We are globally recognised for our premium food and wine, abundant natural and renewable energy resources; our leadership in defence, space, health and medical industries; our capabilities in the hi-tech and creative industries sectors and our world-class higher education institutes.
  • Cross-sector capabilities

    Our precincts and infrastructure are future-focused, aimed at supporting innovation and knowledge-intensive industries. We have the perfect fusion of people, policies and partners for companies to thrive.

    Where to invest: Our sectors of opportunity

    We work with our investors to uncover opportunities in South Australia, to showcase our comparative advantages that will unleash the potential for entrepreneurship and innovation to drive the next generation of businesses and opportunities.

Clean Energy in South Australia - Investing in a cleaner future

South Australia is a renewable energy powerhouse.
We are pioneering our way to a more sustainable future.

Our renewable energy investments:

  • Two world-leading home battery schemes
  • Twenty one wind farms
  • Three utility scale solar farms
  • World's leading lithium-ion battery at the Hornsdale Power Reserve

We're well on the way to becoming a world-class supplier of clean hydrogen.

Precincts and Clusters

Innovation precincts

Collaboration is in our DNA here in South Australia. You will have access to some of the best innovation precincts where high-profile businesses, academia, industry bodies and government are co-located and working together.
  • Adelaide BioMed City

    Adelaide Biomed City is one of the largest health and life sciences clusters in the Southern Hemisphere and brings together research, education, clinical care and business development.

  • Defence and Space Landing Pad

    Provides companies relocating to South Australia with affordable, short-term office facilities and relationship building opportunities.

  • Edinburgh Defence Precinct

    Edinburgh Defence Precinct is a key national defence research, manufacturing and sustainment hub.

  • Flinders Medical Centre (FMC)

    FMC has an international reputation as one of Australia’s finest public teaching hospitals and as a centre for research excellence. It is co-located with the Flinders University School of Medicine and Flinders Private Hospital.

  • Flinders Village

    A new development of a world-class health research facility, providing state of the art research facilities, as well as teaching simulation and clinical research spaces.

  • Lot Fourteen

    Lot Fourteen is a space that fosters collaboration and innovation across sectors and disciplines, including defence and space, artificial intelligence, digital health, machine learning and robotics, cyber security and creative industries.

  • Osborne Naval Shipyard

    Osborne Naval Shipyard is the nation’s premier naval industry hub for companies pursuing opportunities in defence or commercial ship-building and ship sustainment projects.

  • Roseworthy Campus

    Roseworthy Campus is an internationally renowned centre for excellence in dryland agriculture, natural resource management and animal production.

  • Stretton Centre

    Stretton Centre is a catalyst for innovation and connects entrepreneurs, home-based businesses, researchers, practitioners and industry.

  • Technology Park

    Technology Park is an established hub of defence and aerospace, advanced electronics, health, training, consulting, and information communication technology companies. Technology Park Adelaide provides a thriving environment for business collaboration and networking.

  • Tonsley Innovation District

    Tonsley is a hub for advanced manufacturing businesses and services specialising in high-growth sectors: health, medical devices and assistive technologies, cleantech and renewable energy, software and simulation, mining and energy services.

  • Waite Research Precinct

    Waite Research Precinct is a world-class research, development, teaching and commercialisation precinct. Underpinning Australia’s agricultural industries with both fundamental and applied research, the Waite’s great strengths are in grains, soil and wine.

Business Clusters

Our industry clusters provide strong intellectual and research foundations, providing opportunities to share talent, technology and infrastructure.
  • Adelaide Airport

    With global acknowledgement that aviation is a vital catalyst for economic growth, Airport Business District is a key economic gateway that seamless integrates zones for a range of industries.

  • Adelaide Studios

    A creative hub for South Australian screen businesses and screen practitioners whose reputation for the creation of quality screen content across film, television and digital platforms continues to grow nationally and internationally.

  • Australian Institute for Machine Learning (AIML)

    The Australian Institute for Machine Learning (AIML) conducts globally competitive research and development in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, computer vision and deep learning.

  • Australian Space Agency

    Will provide the facilities for space start-ups, companies and researchers to control small satellite missions, enabling real-time control and testing and the accelerated development of Australian satellite technology.

  • Australian Space Discovery Centre

    The centre will open in 2021 and provide science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education, engagement and inspiration for young Australians.

  • Game Plus

    Game Plus is a collaborative workspace for game developers and related specialist technology start-ups. Established to support the needs of small independent studios, Game Plus is a workspace that has been custom built to enhance collaboration and innovation.

  • Jam Factory

    A unique not-for-profit organisation that champions the social, cultural and economic value of craft and design in daily life.

  • Lot Fourteen

    Lot Fourteen is a space that fosters collaboration and innovation across sectors and disciplines, including defence and space, artificial intelligence, digital health, machine learning and robotics, cyber security and creative industries.

  • Mission Control Centre

    A focal point for space missions in Australia, providing real-time control and testing.

  • Tonsley Mining Energy Services

    The Tonsley innovation district is home to key energy and mining organisations, including CORE Innovation’s satellite office, Onshore Petroleum Centre of Excellence, and the South Australia Drill Core Reference Library, Australian Hydrogen Centre, SIMEC Energy Australia and ZEN Energy, and CMW Geosciences.