South Australia offers a highly competitive environment and an ease of doing business which supports profitable investments.

With a highly skilled workforce, cutting edge research and development, competitive labour costs, and superior lifestyle, South Australia really is a rich investment opportunity.

So why would you want to invest in South Australia?

Competitive business environment

South Australia offers a range of cost advantages that no other state in Australia can match, improving your company’s bottom line. In fact, Adelaide was ranked the most cost competitive city in Australia in KPMG’s 2016 biennial Competitive Alternatives Report.

Private sector labour costs in South Australia are 10 per cent below the Australian average making our state a great place to expand your workforce. The Adelaide market continues to be one of the most cost-competitive CBD markets nationally when it comes to setting up business and leasing office space.

South Australia has a range of office space and industrial land available in, or close to, the CBD at rates lower than other mainland Australian states. With a well-planned supply of affordable industrial land, linked to strategic infrastructure and transport corridors the cost of doing business here is highly competitive.

A major tax reform package will see almost $670 million in state tax reductions over the next four years and the phasing out of payroll tax, making South Australia the lowest taxing state in Australia for business.

South Australia’s central location provides the ideal gateway into Australia and out to Asian markets and beyond through our modern air, sea and rail freight channels. Our international airport is only six kilometres from the CBD – 15 minutes by taxi and services eight countries direct with 45 flights per week – with 319 unique one-stop connections. Flights to Sydney and Melbourne also depart, on average, every 20 minutes during operating hours.

An enviable lifestyle

Every region in the world talks about its quality of life, but in South Australia we really have it!

Our capital city, Adelaide, is ranked the 5th most liveable city in the world and was the only Australian city to make The New York Times’ list of ’52 places to go in 2015’.

South Australia’s high quality of life and low cost of living combines to create high employee retention rates for businesses, providing business stability, continuity and bottom line benefits by minimising staff turnover and re-training costs.

Adelaide has the shortest work commute times and the lowest residential property prices of all Australian mainland capital cities. (Australian Bureau of Statistics category number 6416.0)

Our state is also Australia’s premium food and wine destination, accounting for almost 80 per cent of Australian premium wine production and is the stage for many international festivals and sporting events.

Skilled and educated workforce

South Australia prides itself on being the nation’s ‘Knowledge State’. With three highly-regarded public universities, Flinders University, Adelaide University and University of South Australia, and campuses of two of the world’s best universities, Carnegie Mellon University and UCL. South Australia produces an extensive range of graduates per year ready to enhance your workforce. Currently, South Australia has more than 93,000 students enrolled in university courses in the state.

Additionally, more than 30,000 international students from 125 countries choose Adelaide, providing international knowledge and language expertise.

University and commercially-based research and development in Adelaide have led international change in the biotechnology, agriculture, winemaking, animal science and information technology fields. These close links have been formed by a strong ethos towards research in the public and private sectors.

South Australia has dedicated skills packages and resources to help your company recruit and train employees. Through our WorkReady programs these skills packages can be tailored to your specific needs and structured to enable you to connect with a local, skilled workforce and ensure you find the task of employing and training people a simple one.

There are also many private specialist training institutions working with industry to meet future workforce needs.


Culture of innovation

South Australia is a place where ideas can be developed, trialled and sold to the world, in an environment with innovation at its core – and we apply this creativity using the latest technological and scientific research, while building successful collaborations.

Our state is home to a number of specialised, world-class research and innovation districts including Tonsley innovation district, Techport naval industry hub, the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI), and the Waite agricultural research precinct which create high performing, collaborative environments.

South Australia’s excellent technology infrastructure makes it a great choice for enterprises such as support services, cyber security and software development and our geographic location enables work to be handed off across time zones

In fact, Adelaide now boasts internet speeds of up 100 times the national average and at least 10 times the download speed of the National Broadband Network.

The State Government recently announced plans to spend A$4.65 million to establish Adelaide as part of the Gig City network. The network will provide affordable one gigabit connections, with speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second also available.

Advanced manufacturing capabilities

South Australia has a deep, technical manufacturing skills base which is providing a solid platform for new and existing manufacturers.

We are known internationally as Australia’s defence hub, having recently secured the Federal Government’s $50 billion Future Submarine program – the largest defence procurement in the nation’s history. The program will define the future of advanced manufacturing in Australia and create significant opportunities throughout the design development, build, integration and sustainment phases.

Technology is playing a central role in the competitiveness of South Australia’s advanced manufacturing industry, supporting innovation, driving product and service development and improving performance.

In emerging technologies such as photonics, nanotechnology, additive manufacturing, advanced materials and robotics and digital technology, South Australia is demonstrating emerging strengths and research and development expertise.

Proactive, stable government

Through proactive, progressive policy and strong leadership the South Australian Government has created a stable and supportive business environment for investors.

Our proactive policies include:

  • ambitious renewable energy targets where we’ve committed to making our capital city, Adelaide the world’s first carbon neutral city and achieve $10 billion investment in low carbon energy generation by 2025
  • Australia-first legislation allowing trials of driverless car technology
  • employment incentives for businesses with a taxable payroll of $5 million can receive $10,000 for every new employee over the next two years, and
  • an independent and comprehensive investigation into the potential for increasing South Australia’s participation in the nuclear fuel cycle.

The South Australian Government is pro-investment and committed to supporting business by offering direct access to key decision-makers, both in the public and private sector, services to streamline establishment and approvals processes for foreign direct investment and a range of grants and assistance packages.

We have a consistent budget surplus and strong financial management record as evidenced by our AA credit rating with Standard and Poors.

Through Investment Attraction South Australia, we offer a dedicated and independent agency experienced in dealing with complex investment projects.