HENSOLDT Australia establishes hub in Adelaide

12 Apr 2022
South Australia’s defence and space credentials have attracted global technology solutions company, HENSOLDT Australia, to the state as part of the South Australian Landing Pad program (SALP).
The company, which is headquartered in Canberra and with offices in Hobart and Newcastle, provides integrated, multi-domain solutions, analytics and services across defence, space, clean energy and maritime sectors. With approximately 5,600 employees worldwide, the HENSOLDT Group also has a presence in Europe, North America, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and the Asia-Pacific.
The SALP supports companies looking to make their first investment in South Australia, Australia or the Asia Pacific region. Companies that establish in the state are helping to stimulate the economy, create jobs, grow new industries and support existing ones. 
The company will establish close relations in South Australia with defence supply chain partners and will also be able to develop relationships with machine learning, intelligence systems, space domain, defence and air services sectors.
HENSOLDT Australia’s Adelaide city presence will be the hub for the company’s ongoing cooperative development with the Defence, Science and Technology Group. HENSOLDT Australia is also seeking to develop relationships with organisations in areas such as machine learning, intelligence systems, space domain awareness collaboration, defence and air services.
The establishment of HENSOLDT Australia in the state will contribute to the growth of the defence and space sectors in South Australia.
HENSOLDT Australia’s move to the state will enable the company to have direct access to businesses working on defence and space projects, offering opportunities to support South Australian companies with research and development to help the state build sovereign capability.
Mick Burgess, Vice President South Australia at HENSOLDT Australia says the company’s new office in South Australia will enable further growth of its defence and space footprint.
“Some of our team members have lived or currently live in South Australia so we were aware of the opportunities and the Department for Trade and Investment was very proactive in supporting HENSOLDT Australia’s interest in establishing a local presence,” Mr Burgess said.
“We have been introducing cutting-edge technologies, delivering radars, electronic warfare systems, electro-optronic devices and air traffic control equipment to our customers in Australia for well over 50 years.”
The company is based in Pirie Street in Adelaide with three people working in the office.
“We may already need to expand to bigger company premises in the year ahead,” Mr Burgess continued. “With the change of focus in Australia’s future submarine capabilities, we will be re-aligning HENSOLDT’s one-company efforts to support the new capability options, including through our maritime system capabilities in HENSOLDT UK. 
“Our aim is to realise a significant increase in our South Australian presence over the next two to five years, including local jobs in project management, engineering, electrical systems, software development, data analysis and programming.”

The SALP is a crucial conduit for companies looking to build a presence in South Australia, helping businesses find a foothold in a new place, embed in the local economy, create jobs and forge connections with local vendors, partners, customers and collaborators.

For further information and eligibility, view the South Australian Landing Pad.

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