Minerals and Energy


Minerals and Energy

Solar, wind and battery systems – Minerals processing exploration – Extraction – Hydrogen export supply chains


South Australia has a high concentration of quality mineral grade worth premium price.

The South Australian Resources Information Gateway (SARIG) provides dual spatial datasets via a secure online map-based web application.

Critical minerals opportunities in South Australia are vast.

South Australia is well on the way to investing in clean hydrogen for a more sustainable future.

South Australia - Building global partnerships in renewables and hydrogen
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ICN South Australia's Hydrogen Industry Supplier Directory
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Port Augusta Renewable Energy Park

Located in resource-rich South Australia, the Port Augusta Renewable Energy Park (PAREP) is a combined wind and solar photovoltaic (PV) hybrid project, designed to provide predictable power more uniformly across the day. 
Watch the video to find out more about the Southern Hemisphere’s largest hybrid renewable project.

Low Carbon Minerals for a Low Carbon World

As the world’s largest economies target net zero emissions, green minerals, metals and fuels are in growing demand.  How these commodities are sourced, and reducing the footprint required to produce them is of increasing interest to manufacturers, investors and miners alike. 

Watch to see how South Australia has become a destination for companies looking to transform the energy and mining sector.

Clean Hydrogen: The Fuel of the Future

South Australia is a renewable energy powerhouse pioneering the way to a more sustainable future, and on track to reach the target of 100% net renewables by 2030.

Renewable energy investments:

  • Two world-leading home battery schemes
  • Twenty two wind farms
  • Three utility scale solar farms
  • World's leading lithium-ion battery at the Hornsdale Power Reserve

Watch the video to see South Australia is well on the way to becoming a world-class supplier of clean hydrogen.

Critical minerals project opportunities in South Australia

Discover South Australia's significant global and national resources of critical minerals.

Explore opportunities

Investing in Minerals and Energy

Nationally, we are leading the uptake of renewable energy, while also broadening our energy sector into batteries, thermal storage, hydrogen production and storage and pumped water storage in disused mine pits.
South Australia boasts an abundance of natural assets – including significant renewable energy zones for wind and solar, mineral deposits of copper, gold, iron ore, graphite, gas and petroleum products – meaning that global demand for resources can be serviced and our technical expertise is already high.

Connected ecosystem

Here in South Australia we’re proud to have fostered a strong relationship between government, industry and academia.
We provide a scalable state of being able to interlink clusters across sectors such as critical technologies and global players include MIT.

Our technology and innovation ecosystem can provide support across mining technology capabilities such as artificial intelligence, automation, robotics and drones, as well as blockchain technology which allows for the creation and maintenance of a continuously growing list of records (blocks). 

Innovation precincts

Collaboration is in our DNA here in South Australia. You will have access to some of the best innovation precincts where high-profile businesses, academia, industry bodies and government are co-located and working together.
  • Lot Fourteen

    Lot Fourteen is a space that fosters collaboration and innovation across sectors and disciplines, including defence and space, artificial intelligence, digital health, machine learning and robotics, cyber security and creative industries.

Business clusters

Our industry clusters provide strong intellectual and research foundations, providing opportunities to share talent, technology and infrastructure.
  • Adelaide Airport

    With global acknowledgement that aviation is a vital catalyst for economic growth, Airport Business District is a key economic gateway that seamless integrates zones for a range of industries.

  • Lot Fourteen

    Lot Fourteen is a space that fosters collaboration and innovation across sectors and disciplines, including defence and space, artificial intelligence, digital health, machine learning and robotics, cyber security and creative industries.

  • Tonsley Mining Energy Services

    The Tonsley innovation district is home to key energy and mining organisations, including CORE Innovation’s satellite office, Onshore Petroleum Centre of Excellence, and the South Australia Drill Core Reference Library, Australian Hydrogen Centre, SIMEC Energy Australia and ZEN Energy, and CMW Geosciences.

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