Port Augusta Storage Project

PASP is a proposed renewable energy power station comprising of vanadium redox battery storage facility of up to 300MWh capacity and an optional 50MW (AC) solar photovoltaic (PV) farm.

PASP is located entirely within Port Augusta City Council area, on a 79.52 hectare property owned by Pangea. With a project life of at least 25 years, PASP does not need repowering with new equipment due to the technology choice.

PASP is designed to be a storage facility tailored for the future electricity needs of South Australia, conceptualised to replace peaking or load following power plants. Pangea’s vanadium flow battery solution will deliver a range of services tailored for the growing complexity of the SA market, unlocking the full potential of SA’s renewable energy assets.

Investment opportunity

Offtake and JV partners.

There is potential for design optimisation, whether reducing or increasing the capacity of the battery.

Investor information

Financial information

Investment sought: Not applicable


No documents provided.

Project status update

Project has approved s49 development application.
Pangea owns project site of 79.52 hectares.
Pangea has completed geotechnical studies and survey.
Pangea is completing GPS.

Project dependencies


Technology utilised

Vanadium redox battery

Project highlights

  • Battery life of over 20,000 cycles
  • 100% depth of discharge without degrading battery
  • Non-toxic, non-flammable, and recyclable electrolyte.

Key organisations

  • Pangea Energy Pty Ltd.

Project timelines

Expected start date

Expected end date

Funding round finish date



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