Health and Medical Industries


Health and Medical Industries

Clinical trials – Ageing well – Pharmaceuticals and biotech – Medical devices


South Australia has a global reputation for health and medical industries capabilities.

Adelaide BioMed City is one of the largest health precincts in the Southern Hemisphere including SAHMRI and the Australian Bragg Centre, the first proton therapy centre of its type.

Flinders Village will host the Health and Medical Research Institute, spearheading collaborative research spanning physical and mental health and wellbeing, amplifying the university’s longstanding contributions across the health, education and medical sectors in the heart of the southern medical precinct.

We have world-leading capabilities in artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics, machine learning and research that features across our health and medical industries.

We are the first state to undertake human clinical trials in a COVID-19 free environment (for healthy individuals as well as patients).

South Australia is a world leading digital health ecosystem

The world's most forward thinking and innovative companies are in Adelaide for digital health.

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Investing in Health and Medical Industries

Companies from around the world can engage with world leaders in biotech and clinical trials, digital health, medical devices, ageing well, research, academia, clinical care and business development.
South Australia is recognised for its skillset in niche areas, particularly in the use of artificial intelligence utilised within health innovation, visual recognition machine learning and proton therapy and oncology.
Our state has decades of experience in automotive manufacturing which is now being applied to medical device manufacturing with highly skilled workers and sustainable supply chains.

To learn more about how we can grow South Australia's industry, view the Health and Medical Sector Plan.
Health and Medical Sector Plan
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Investment advantages 

We have a burgeoning commercial industry, helping jurisdictions around the world support their ageing populations, including the industry-driven Ageing Well International globalising local ageing expertise – from birth to ageing.
We support the establishment of medicinal cannabis and industrial hemp industries in South Australia, providing guidance and mechanisms on working with the Office of Drug Control regarding licenses and permits for the legal cultivation, processing and manufacturing of medicinal cannabis products.
We are looking to develop and expand our e-clinical trial capabilities, supporting the state’s drive towards a leading position in e-clinical trials in a secure environment.
Eligible companies can access up to 43.5% R&D tax incentive for research and development expenses reimbursed either as a tax refund or a tax reduction.
We have a visionary approach to growth within the sector, releasing our 10-year sector plan in October 2020 to grow the economic value of Health and Medical Industries to $5 billion by 2030.

Connected ecosystem 

South Australia’s hi-tech sector is well-equipped to support the health and medical industries sector in the fields of artificial intelligence, science, engineering and nanotechnology to facilitate new innovations in the biomedical sphere. 
Our creative industries ecosystem and internationally recognised companies are working with our health and medical industries to use gaming technology such as virtual reality, to improve healthcare.
Medical tourism is providing opportunities for international healthcare options and showcases the state’s world-class capabilities within the health and medical industries sector.

Innovation precincts

Collaboration is in our DNA here in South Australia. You will have access to some of the best innovation precincts where high-profile businesses, academia, industry bodies and government are co-located and working together.
  • Adelaide BioMed City

    Adelaide Biomed City is one of the largest health and life sciences clusters in the Southern Hemisphere and brings together research, education, clinical care and business development.

  • Flinders Medical Centre (FMC)

    FMC has an international reputation as one of Australia’s finest public teaching hospitals and as a centre for research excellence. It is co-located with the Flinders University School of Medicine and Flinders Private Hospital.

  • Flinders Village

    A new development of a world-class health research facility, providing state of the art research facilities, as well as teaching simulation and clinical research spaces.

  • Lot Fourteen

    Lot Fourteen is a space that fosters collaboration and innovation across sectors and disciplines, including defence and space, artificial intelligence, digital health, machine learning and robotics, cyber security and creative industries.

  • Technology Park

    Technology Park is an established hub of defence and aerospace, advanced electronics, health, training, consulting, and information communication technology companies. Technology Park Adelaide provides a thriving environment for business collaboration and networking.

  • Tonsley Innovation District

    Tonsley is a hub for advanced manufacturing businesses and services specialising in high-growth sectors: health, medical devices and assistive technologies, cleantech and renewable energy, software and simulation, mining and energy services.

Business clusters

Our industry clusters provide strong intellectual and research foundations, providing opportunities to share talent, technology and infrastructure.
  • Adelaide Airport

    With global acknowledgement that aviation is a vital catalyst for economic growth, Airport Business District is a key economic gateway that seamless integrates zones for a range of industries.

Investment opportunities

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Help for investing in South Australia's Health and Medical Industries sector

Mark Wheeler

Mark Wheeler

Director - Health and Medical Industries

Works with companies to develop projects, negotiate and structure investments, remove barriers, solve problems and support industry across Health and Medical Industries.


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