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Goldilocks is a home healthcare platform, using microsensors built into clothing, they have developed the most comfortable and holistic monitoring device. Goldilocks collects biometrics from the wearer and uses advanced AI to build a profile of what looks normal for that user. They then can providing coaching and advice to the user to ensure they are kept in the Goldilocks zone - safe, happy and well.

The impacts are
- Keep the user in the Goldilocks zone, where ever and whenever they require it.
- Reduce carer burnout by providing education and reassurance.
- Facilitate communication with clinicians to improve the value of healthcare beyond the hospital walls.

Goldilocks has launched a baby singlet to market in June 2021. This baby singlet collects data on the infants feeding, breathing, sleeping, skin and core temperature and provides holistic coaching and advice to new parents. Goldilocks acts like a virtual midwife to reduce the impact of all development delays in infants.

Goldilocks has received a grant from the South Australian Government, to work with ECH Inc (largest non-profit home aged care provider in Australia) to develop a singlet of the aged care disability market. This product will look to launch in June 2023

Investment opportunity

We are seeking help to scale Goldilocks,
- Capital investment for commercialisation purposes (product development is covered by grants)
- Access to customers - whether that is joint venture, off-take or partnership.
- Scaling supply chain - through logistics and manufacturing, whether that is joint venture or partnership

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Investment sought: A$3M - A$6M


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Technology utilised

Goldilocks's utilises e-textile sensors to seamlessly integrate sensors into the fabric of the singlet. This connects to a smart phone via BLE and the Goldilocks algorithms predict the infants - feeding, sleeping, breathing, skin and core temperature habits. From this data, Goldilocks builds a personalized profile of each infants daily habits. Goldilocks then provides confidence and reassurance to parents when everything is 'normal'. When an abnormality is detected a push notification is sent to the parent with a video from a clinician talking about how to triage/resolve the issue.

Goldilocks released their alpha product in Jan 2021 and their beta product in June 2021. Goldilocks has improved the lives of over 100 parents.

Project highlights

  • July 2019 - Pre-seed Funding (Artesian Alternative Investments). Dec 2020 - Successful crowdfunding campaign (+$115K raised) released alpha product to this audience
  • June 2021 - Received $200K grant from Amazon to support beta product release, averaged ~$8K monthly revenue from June 2021-Dec 2021.
  • Jan 2022 - Received $730K total project grant from SA Government to improve baby product and work with ECH Inc and The University of Adelaide to develop ageing in home product.

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  • Goldilocks Suit Pty Ltd

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