South Australia heads to Smart Energy Week

29 Feb 2024
The South Australian Government has returned to Tokyo to showcase the state’s natural resources, hydrogen sector and green iron potential at Smart Energy Week.

The event is one of the world’s biggest shows for hydrogen and fuel cells and this is the second year that South Australia has exhibited.

The exhibition provides a great opportunity to demonstrate progress within the sector, collaborate with international stakeholders and show government support to the industry.

The event brings together the latest technologies such as hydrogen and fuel cells, solar power, rechargeable batteries, smart grids and wind power.

It also brings people together to help speed up business.

In 2023, Smart Energy Week attracted nearly 40,000 visitors and 431 exhibitors, including 125 international exhibitors.

This year, the Department for Trade and Investment is supporting three government agencies, 54 companies with project proposals in South Australia (including 10 hydrogen projects) to engage with Japanese companies, as well as those from Korea Singapore, India, the United States and the European Union.

South Australia’s presence demonstrates the state’s standing as a global player.

It will provide an opportunity to provide updates on, and advocate for, projects in the state, including South Australia’s Hydrogen Jobs Plan, Marubeni’s Bolivar green hydrogen export project, Iron Road’s Cape Hardy Industrial Precinct with Amp Energy and GFG Alliance’s green iron potential.

Attendance at Smart Energy Week’s Fuel Cell Expo will promote South Australia’s capabilities to industry in Japan and from around the world, leading to introductions to relevant companies, and will give an update to stakeholders, academia and government about the rapid development of South Australia’s hydrogen sector.

The South Australian Government will also participate in the Australian and New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ANZCCJ) Hydrogen Series III symposium – ‘Establishing the Hydrogen Market: Offtake Challenges and Opportunities’ at the Australian Embassy in Tokyo.

Speakers will include representatives of the energy industry in Japan, Herbet Smith Freehills, GFG Alliance, Austrade and the South Australian Government.

For further information about future opportunities to participate in events with the South Australian Government, visit