Homegrown intelligence start-up paves way for a safer world

18 Apr 2023
A homegrown, world-leading intelligence organisation – which has helped Governments tackle national security and law enforcement challenges – has opened its new head office in Adelaide.
Open-Source intelligence (OSINT) solutions company Fivecast has experience in counterterrorism and working against organised crime, violent extremism, fraud, and drug, human and weapons trafficking.
Fivecast provides OSINT solutions that enable the world’s most important public and private organisations to explore data, uncovering actionable insights critical to protecting global communities.
Founded in Adelaide in 2017, Fivecast has established strategic partnerships across the globe and is part of the trusted ‘Five Eyes’ Alliance with established presences in the United Kingdom and United States of America.
The opening of its new head office in Adelaide sees the flagship office join those already operating in Arlington, Virginia, Canberra and London – home to some of the world’s leading intelligence agencies – employing more than 100 people globally.
The South Australian Government, through Invest SA and its overseas network in the United Kingdom and United States, has proudly supported Fivecast with its global expansion which has garnered national export awards.