Azure Quantum Week – an Australian first

14 Sep 2022
In the first of its kind in Australia, Azure Quantum Week, delivered in partnership with the Department for Trade and Investment, KPMG, TCS and the Office of the South Australian Chief Scientist, provided attendees access to world-leading experts in the field of quantum science and technology.

The aim of the week was to identify industry-related quantum use cases for potential funding to support the design, research and implementation of quantum projects in South Australia that will align with the National Quantum Strategy and South Australia’s Science and Innovation Strategy.

Quantum technologies will provide more powerful computing, improved navigation, measurements and timing systems, secure communications through better encryption and improved health care. 

Guest speakers gave their insights on how quantum technology can be applied by businesses to solve critical problems organisations are facing now and in the future. 

“Quantum computing will be one of the most transformative technologies of the 21st Century and events like Quantum Week will help build Australia’s quantum-ready talent to take advantage of that opportunity,” said Katie Scott, Azure Quantum Field Ambassador, Microsoft.
“Collaboration between Microsoft, our partners KPMG and Tata Consulting Services, the South Australian Government and industry will accelerate the transition from pure research to the development of real-world quantum applications.”

The Week provided attendees with the opportunity to hear about the enormous opportunities and benefits that world-leading quantum science and technology advancements present.

There are already strong research links on quantum between universities, with companies also working closely together to deploy some of the world’s first user cases of the next generation of quantum technology in the fields of defence, space, health and mining.

“This inaugural initiative showcases the world-class work on quantum technologies in South Australia on applications directly relevant to industry including participating SMEs,” said Professor Caroline McMillen, Chief Scientist for South Australia.
“This Week will build strong connections between our world-class quantum talent in research and business to deliver the capability to improve our health, safeguard our environment and achieve economic growth and equitable prosperity.
“This is a unique opportunity for businesses seeking to understand how quantum technologies might add to their business model through new products and services that can address challenges now and into the future.”
The Boston Consultancy Group estimates that quantum technology in optimisation, cybersecurity, machine learning and simulation could generate up to US$850 billion by 2040 and CSIRO estimates Australia could generate $4 billion revenue and 16,000 new jobs by 2040 [1].