Renascor Resources' Siviour Project - Purified Spherical Graphite/Battery Anode Material Production Plant

Mineral resource or reserve: 
Total Mineral Resources 123.6Mt @ 6.9% TGC 8.5Mt Contained Graphite; Total Ore Reserve Estimate 61.8Mt @7.0% TGC 4.3Mt Contained Graphite.
Current or planned level of processing: up to 100,000tpa of battery anode material (purified spherical graphite) (150,000tpa of Graphite Concentrates).

2-staged processing:
Stage 1 - crushing, grinding, flotation circuit to create approximately 94 to 96% carbon Graphite Concentrate product.
Stage 2 - two-step process of milling then purification through a low temperature caustic roast process.

Renascor aims to create in Australia, the first vertically integrated, in-country Purified Spherical Graphite operation outside of China with the battery anode material operation.

Investment opportunity

J/V partners; Offtake; Further processing.
A low-cost and low-sovereign risk project with down-streaming and value-add potential.

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Project status update

Invest summary:

Renascor is committed to powering the clean energy transition through the development, in Australia, of its Siviour Battery Anode Material (BAM) Project in South Australia, a vertically integrated graphite mine and manufacturing operation to produce sustainable and ethically-sourced battery anode material for the lithium-ion battery market.

Renascor’s BAM Project is is in the advanced stages of development, with Renascor having obtained its primary mining approvals with the award of the Program for Environment Protection and Rehabilitation and completed a Definitive Feasibility Study (DFS) level assessment in its BAM Study in August 2023.

The BAM Study, which assesses the viability of integrating the Graphite Concentrate operation with a downstream operation to manufacture up to 100,000tpa of PSG, confirmed compelling economics, including a post-tax unleveraged NPV10 of A$1.5 billion and IRR of 26%.

Estimated capital expenditure for the initial Graphite Concentrate operation is A$214.5 million, with the subsequent initial PSG expenditure estimated at A$394.6 million.

The BAM Study estimates that Renascor can deliver a globally competitive gross operating cost for PSG of US$1,782 per tonne over the first 10 years and US$1,846 per tonne over LOM, including Graphite Concentrate operating cost of US$405 per tonne over first 10 years and US$472 per tonne over LOM.

The BAM Project has received conditional approval received for a A$185m Loan Facility from Export Finance Australia via the Federal Governments A$2 billion Critical Minerals facility. The Siviour Project has also been granted Major Project Status by the Federal Government.

Project dependencies

A detailed proposal for mining operations under preparation for submission to South Australian state government for assessment.

Technology utilised

Renascor had developed a purification process that avoids the use of Hydrofluoric (“HF”) acid, offering a cleaner HF-free alternative to prevailing process used currently.
Renascor’s eco-friendly graphite purification technology achieved outstanding results of 99.98% purity in recent testing at leading German independent battery mineral consultancy group Dorfner Anzaplan.

Project highlights

  • Renascor’s Siviour Graphite Deposit is the world’s second largest Proven Reserve of Graphite and the largest Graphite Reserve outside of Africa.
  • The favourable geology and location of the Siviour Graphite Deposit will allow Renascor to produce Graphite Concentrate at a cost that is amongst the lowest in the world.
  • Renascor has developed a proven eco-friendly, HF-free purification process endorsed by leading global anode companies.

Key organisations

  • Renascor Resources

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