When aged care facilities lock down due to gastro, flu & covid outbreaks, precious quality time with loved ones is reduced. Digital technology is hard to operate with dementia and eyesight problems. When not in lock down, everyday constraints impact on how much quality time is available, eg. travel distance, needing to look after kids at home. Aged care facilities have limited staff time to facilitate telecommunication.

An easy-to-use passive telepresence device for aged care facility residents that can be used by someone with MCI or limited eyesight.

Zero hassle setup (works out of the box!)
Automatic answering (no need to touch it to use it!)
5G connection, no IT maintenance or setup required
Privacy when desired via a snooze button and time gate
Displays the time, the weather, and pictures of loved ones when not in active use, acting as a smart clock
Consumer RRP per-unit is $400AUD (affordable!)

"Facebook Portal" is similar BUT it isn't user friendly enough for those with mild cognitive impairment and it doesn't meet a consolidated captive demand audience (they're trying to get broad traction which will be slower), and their brand isn't trusted.
“ViewClix” is similar but requires WiFi, not suitable for the aged care environment, maintenance represents a challenge.
“SpaceTalk” has a watch, but appears constrained on screen size procurement at the right price point.

1 in 4 people above age 40 who are shown the idea express a serious interest in buying one. The wait list builds itself. There is highly active consumer demand and the current user trial list are chomping at the bit for units.

The idea is so simple and economical, and everyone else has been looking in the wrong place and has over-invested already. People believe that aged care facilities will object to an in-room calendar, however conversations with facilities reveal this is of little concern to staff and management as long as there is a snooze button and timer feature to prevent the system being active during care moments. Active partnership with ACF has been achieved.

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CareWindow requires funds to get to market quickly. The team is raising 1.5m-2.5m over the next 2yrs, in 2 rounds.

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Investment sought: A$1.5M - A$2.5M

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