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International Education

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South Australia’s international education sector has a clear, 10-year vision for growth and supports industries in the state to be globally competitive by aligning with knowledge-intensive business models, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Our innovative ecosystem attracts leading institutional capability in health and medical industries, agriculture, defence, space and digital-tech research and development commercialisation. 

Here in South Australia, international education providers and institutions can collaborate with world-leading industry players to partner on R&D and commercialisation capability in partnership with our major institutions.

Investing in International Education

South Australia’s business environment encourages and enables education institutions to have greater interface with academia, providing easy access to skilled workers and establishing rapid capability.
The world-leading capability in our state’s education sector across industries provides the opportunity to access multiple specialisations such as space, defence and digital-tech in one place, and is aligned with industry and the needs for a future skilled workforce.
Our connectivity between education, innovation and international partners enable significant investments in infrastructure, including:

  • 8,000 purpose-built student accommodation options completed or in progress
  • $500 million committed to purpose-built student accommodation construction.

Investment advantages 

South Australia is a place where industry, government and business foster innovation and entrepreneurship. We have an advanced environment for new start-ups and an ecosystem for growing technology and creative enterprises.
Adelaide’s size offers expansion opportunities for locations across the city and improved government flexibility to fast-track key infrastructure within the international education sector.
Our international education sector attracts approximately 45,000 student enrolments to South Australia each year which drive new investment in construction and services, boosting retail, hospitality and tourism.

Connected ecosystem

Our international education sector is well connected across academia, industry and research and development and, with the assistance of targeted career and migration programs, South Australia attracts international students and retains them post-graduation.
We work closely with StudyAdelaide, South Australia’s marketing body dedicated to targeting global digital campaigns for international education.

South Australia's key education institutions for international students include The University of Adelaide, Flinders University, University of South Australia, Torrens University Australia, Carnegie Mellon University Australia, TAFE SA and South Australian Government Schools.


Adelaide Student Accommodation Demand and Supply Analysis - JLL Report

JLL report 2019South Australia’s future accommodation needs for the growing demand from international students has been outlined in an independent JLL report commissioned by the South Australian Government. The report outlines the demand and supply landscape for purpose-built student accommodation for international students in Adelaide city and surrounding suburbs.
Adelaide Student Accommodation Demand and Supply Analysis - JLL Report
Download PDF | 2.98 MB

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Help for investing in South Australia's International Education sector

Tom Herraman

Acting Director - International education and Tourism

Leading opportunities for international education, research and development innovations across global partnerships and promoting South Australia’s tourism offering through sustainable tourism developments and experiences.


+61 428 616 423

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