South Australia is geared to give you a better return on your investment.

Our state provides a highly attractive, profitable location for financial and business services operations thanks to our skilled labour pool, our status as one of the world’s most liveable cities and our competitive office and labour prices.

South Australia has proven expertise across a number of financial services functions, including banking and deposit-taking entities, funds management, insurance and general financial management.

Within the sophisticated Australian financial ecosystem, our state offers a skilled workforce of more than 21,000 with greater efficiency in a more affordable, flexible and accessible CBD.

Invest for flexibility, adaptability and a better bottom line

In South Australia, you’ll find:


  • An efficient, low-risk gateway to Asia Pacific region.
  • Skilled and accessible labour pool at competitive rates compared to other capital cities including a 12% cost advantage over Sydney (PwC: April 2016)
  • South Australia offers savings of up to 60% in office space
  • Lowest taxing state with $670 million reduction over next four years and removal of stamp duty
  • 93,000 students (including 15,500 international students) enrolled at three highly regarded state universities
  • A national financial system underpinned by a comprehensive national superannuation scheme and world’s best practice regulation
  • Superannuation funds are part of a national pool of funds valued in excess of $2.6 trillion of managed funds

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Email: mario.pegoli@sa.gov.au

Key Downloads

  • Financial and Business Services in South Australia
    PDF - 3 MB
  • KPMG Competitive Alternatives Report: 2016 edition
    PDF - 5 MB
  • South Australian Economic Indicators
    PDF - 5 MB

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