SA cyber security forum on skills development and jobs

30 November

Developing the next generation of cyber security professionals and growing the cyber workforce will be a focus of Defence SA’s fourth Cyber Ready Forum at Adelaide’s TAFE SA today.

The free forum will include an introduction to TAFE SA’s new cyber courses and an education and skills panel, discussing how people can develop cyber security skills and benefit from the huge employment opportunities in the lucrative US$126 billion cyber security market.

Defence and Space Industries Minister Martin Hamilton-Smith said the forum strengthens SA’s reputation as a hub of cyber security and builds the State’s cyber capabilities, which are vital to the defence sector.

The forum is part of the State Government’s Cyber Ready series aimed at building cyber awareness and security among South Australian companies, including those bidding for work in the defence industry.

It will include a practical demonstration by cyber security company Cyber Ops, showing the risks of using public Wi-Fi, an overview of new cyber threats and protective measures by OpSys, along with RAAF’s latest cyber initiatives.

Attendees will also be updated on the latest national and South Australian cyber security developments, including plans to develop a cyber strategy for the State.

SA is working to establish an Australian Cyber Security (AustCyber) Growth Network node, which will boost cyber capabilities, innovation and collaboration efforts with other states and territory nodes across the AustCyber network.

Defence and Space Industries Minister Martin Hamilton-Smith said South Australia is home to some of the world’s most complex projects, including the upcoming naval shipbuilding program, so it is important our companies are armed with cyber-ready capabilities.

“The state has been working to reinvent itself through defence and shipbuilding contracts. But what’s also emerged is a fierce start-up culture and a very strong cyber security sector. For example we are now home to major cyber security firms including NEC and Veroguard,” Mr Hamilton-Smith said.

“Just recently we saw how cyber vulnerability is a very real and serious threat in the defence industry, with hackers stealing sensitive information on several major projects, including the Joint Strike Fighter.

“We are working to establish South Australia as a hub for cyber security, which will not only protect our sensitive information and defence projects from cyber-attacks, but generate huge employment opportunities for our local workforce.

“Working closely with industry and educational institutions, we will ensure our young people are equipped with cybersecurity skills and are aware of the high tech career opportunities in cyber security right here in SA.”