Investment Attraction South Australia within striking distance of key jobs target

1 August

The State Government’s peak investment agency, Investment Attraction South Australia is within striking distance of its jobs target months ahead of schedule.

In a little over 18 months, the agency has secured 19 major investment projects and created 5939 jobs – well on its way to achieving the target of 6000 by the end of 2017.

Minister for Investment and Trade Martin Hamilton-Smith said the 19 projects combined equate to an impressive $1.12 billion in capital expenditure which will contribute an estimated $5.525 billion to the South Australian economy.

Investment Attraction South Australia has secured some of the world’s highest profile companies including Boeing, NEC, Babcock, Datacom and Ingham’s.

The agency was established in October 2015 with a mandate to capture foreign direct investment and create high value-adding industries and sustainable jobs.

Investment Attraction South Australia provides a dedicated point of contact for all project requirements and ensures they have the best support to expedite a project in the State.

It has also worked with firms to simplify dealings with government and other business partners to streamline the path to a secure investment, provide policy and regulatory assistance to accelerate investments and to help access the State’s skilled local workforce, ensuring investors are connected to professionals who can deliver results.

“The numbers speak for themselves – this agency is doing amazing things for South Australia. Almost 6000 jobs and $1.12 billion in capital expenditure is a fantastic return on the Government’s investment,” Mr Hamilton-Smith said.

“With many more projects in the pipeline, some of which I look forward to announcing in the coming weeks and months, the agency is on track to obliterate its 6000 jobs target by the end of the year.

“You only have to look at the calibre of the companies investing here to see what a tremendous success the agency has been.

“It’s well and truly become the business community’s ‘go-to’ government agency, one which they know speaks their language, understand their individual business needs, and can navigate the investment landscape to get projects over the line.

“The agency’s role is simple – to make life easier for the investor, to bring new jobs, investment and innovation to our State.”