Digital giant in South Australia to enhance suppliers’ opportunities

18 July

One of the world’s leading 3D-Experience software companies has signed an agreement with a South Australian engineering firm to map capability across multiple industries in the state, including defence.

French multinational firm Dassault Systèmes is visiting South Australia to discuss its virtual shipyard, a digital project that maps and improves digital capability in order to maximise industry participation in large manufacturing projects, including defence.

The virtual shipyard project, industry transformation, and digitalisation of cities will be the topics of discussion during the visit.

The Memorandum of Understanding signed with local engineering firm LogiCamms will outline future engagement, leveraging Dassault Sytèmes 3D-Experience Portfolio and Industry Solutions platform and LogiCamms’ consulting, projects and engineering expertise.

To date, the State Government has worked with Dassault Systèmes on feasibility assessments to understand the state’s baseline digital capability; exploring opportunities to build a firm-level digital capability; and a visit to Whyalla to explore whether a digital capability development program could include a regional location.

Dassault Systèmes is a French multinational firm with 14,000 employees and global revenue of AUD$4.03bn in 2015. The company currently offers software systems to support 3D design/modelling, simulation, information intelligence and online collaboration across different industries.

The virtual shipyard program is an approach used internationally by major defence contractors and suppliers, including DCNS, to manage the entire lifecycle of projects and link with companies in the supply chain.

Acting Premier John Rau said the South Australian Government has been working with Dassault Systèmes over the past six months to establish the digital capability baseline for potential local naval suppliers and explore the development of a structured industry capability learning program to digitise the state’s supply chain to support the next generation of naval shipbuilding.

“As part of this work, Dassault will soon commence a digital competency assessment of eight companies in South Australia,” Mr Rau said.

Dassault Systèmes Executive Vice President Global Field Operations (Asia-Oceania) Sylvain Laurent said the company is the technology partner of choice to accompany global industrial innovators on large-scale, long-term international projects.

“While we work with these innovators, it is also very important that we collaborate locally to organise an ecosystem that is using the same solutions to make sure we can sustain the evolution of the projects,” Mr Laurent said.

“Competitive shipbuilders in South Australia must explore new ways to leverage the advanced technologies that are defining a new era in shipbuilding and gain an edge in the local and international marketplace.

“We are delighted to have the strong support from the South Australia Government to put together a marine and offshore program that illustrates the industry of the future in a sector which calls for highly integrated systems to deliver unique experiences to its clients.

“With many exciting opportunities in South Australia, we look forward to a successful and fruitful collaboration with the local industry.”