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Financing, funding and grants


  • Australian grant and program finder

    Find grants, funding and support programs from across government.


  • Post, digital and visual effects (PDV) offset

    The PDV offers up to a 40% rebate, plus a further 10% rebate administered by the SAFC for eligible projects.

  • Video game PDV offset

    The South Australian Government has extended the PDV 10% rebate to cover video game development, administered by the SAFC.

  • Economic and Business Growth Fund

    $100 million has been committed by the South Australian Government to promote economic growth in the state by encouraging the growth of existing industries, developing new industries, building international connections and attracting foreign and national direct investment.

  • South Australian Film Corporation Screen Funding

    The SAFC partners with filmmakers, production and post-production companies that can contribute to the growth of the industry. A range of funding options across production, games and development are available.

  • Games Innovation Fund

    The $300,000 SAFC Games Innovation Fund supports the progress of outstanding, original and creative games for production in South Australia.

  • Research, Commercialisation and Startup Fund

    $27.9 million fund supporting researchers, entrepreneurs and businesses to accelerate their progress with funding from the South Australian Government.

  • Space Innovation Fund

    The fund helps entrepreneurs and start-ups providing a pathway for post-graduate innovators and entrepreneurs to seize commercial opportunities.

  • SA Venture Capital Fund

    $50 million fund that will invest in dynamic and innovative early-stage companies to accelerate their growth to a national and global scale.

  • Venture Capital Limited Partnerships (VCLP)

    The VCLP offers tax benefits to fund managers and eligible foreign investors to help stimulate venture capital investment.

  • Biomedical Translation Fund

    The Fund provides companies with venture capital through licensed private sector fund managers to help develop biomedical discoveries into tangible products, services and outcomes.

  • Global Innovation Linkages Program

    The program provides funding to help Australian businesses and researchers collaborate with global partners via Industry Growth Centre initiatives.

  • Screen Australia Funding

    Screen Australia offers funding to support the development, production and marketing of Australian screen content, as well as for the development of Australian talent and screen production businesses.

  • South Australia Landing Pad

    Supports companies with up to $80,000 looking to make their first investment in South Australia, Australia or the Asia Pacific Region.

  • Defence and Space Landing Pad

    A one-stop-shop that supports the relocation of international companies to South Australia.


  • Australian grant and program finder

    Find grants, funding and support programs from across government.

  • South Australian grant and program finder

    Locate the assistance and program initiatives most relevant to your business needs.

  • Advancing Renewables Program

    The Advancing Renewables Program provides businesses with funding or finance to develop renewable energy technologies.

  • Wine industry research, development and extension (RD&E) investments

    Wine Australia’s research, development and extension investments aim to support the continued innovation and competitiveness of our grapegrowers, winemakers and Australian wine businesses.

  • Clean Energy Investment programs

    The CEFC invests in clean energy technologies, which are defined in the CEFC Act as renewable energy, energy efficiency and low emissions technologies.

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