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Energy and mining

Industry clusters

  • Lot Fourteen Innovation Precinct

    Adelaide’s creation and innovation neighbourhood spans seven hectares and is a mixed-use precinct that combines nature, culture, enterprise and people in a way only Adelaide can.

  • Tonsley Mining Energy Services

    The Tonsley innovation district is home to key energy and mining organisations, including CORE Innovation’s satellite office, Onshore Petroleum Centre of Excellence, and the South Australia Drill Core Reference Library, Australian Hydrogen Centre, SIMEC Energy Australia and ZEN Energy, and CMW Geosciences.

Industry organisation

  • Onshore Petroleum Centre of Excellence

    The OPCE is a unique facility offering specialist oil and gas training, providing a realistic simulation of upstream oil and gas operations. The training options range from oil and gas fundamentals to the up-skilling of experienced field operators.

  • Geological Survey of South Australia

    The GSSA collect, manage and deliver information and knowledge of South Australia’s geology, particularly regarding its mineral resources prospectivity.


    ARENA's purpose is to improve the competitiveness of renewable energy technologies and increase the supply of renewable energy through innovation that benefits Australian consumers and businesses.

  • Australia Minerals

    Australia Minerals is a collaboration of Australia's federal, state and Northern Territory government geoscience agencies working together to offer ground-breaking information, unrivalled expertise and a record of innovation that supports mineral explorers to realise investment opportunities.

  • CORE Innovation Hub

    A centre facilitating connections between South Australian innovators with the resources and energy sector, and providing an opportunity for innovators, emerging and established industries, and organisations to collaborate on growing the state's knowledge economy.

  • Accelerated Discovery Initiative

    The ADI embraces innovation, collaboration and capacity building to advance exploration activity in South Australia. It provides a co-funded Government contribution toward exploration activities, to support the potential discovery of new mineral and groundwater resources.

  • South Australian Chamber of Mines & Energy (SACOME)

    SACOME is the peak industry body representing companies with interests in the South Australian minerals, energy, extractive and petroleum sectors, including those who provide services to these companies.

Industry resources

  • Australia's identified mineral resources

    Annual assessment of Australia’s mineral reserves and resources for all major, and some minor, commodities.

  • Australian Mines Atlas

    Access interactive mine mapping tools, information on Australia’s major mineral commodities, and discover the role of the minerals industry in Australia’s economic development.

  • South Australia Drill Core Reference Library

    The South Australia Drill Core Reference Library hosts geological samples recovered from over 130 years of exploration for minerals and energy resources in the state.

  • Industry Capability Network (ICN)

    ICN provides an online database giving access to projects, partnership opportunities and supply chain development and channels to promote company capabilities to a business network.

  • GigCity

    South Australia’s high-speed internet network that connects more than 300 businesses across 27 innovation precincts.

  • Ten Gigabit Adelaide

    Ten Gigabit Adelaide is a revolutionary high-speed, high-performance fibre optic data network that is being rolled out to commercial buildings across the City of Adelaide.

Investment bodies and organisations

  • Austrade

    Australia offers a broad range of investment opportunities in the resources and energy sector.

  • Economic and Business Growth Fund

    $100 million has been committed by the South Australian Government to promote economic growth in the state by encouraging the growth of existing industries, developing new industries, building international connections and attracting foreign and national direct investment.

  • Venture Catalyst Fund

    An initiative of the South Australian Government and the University of South Australia encouraging student entrepreneurship and the creation of local startups by providing funding for early-stage ventures founded by UniSA students and recent graduates.

  • South Australia’s Home Battery Scheme

    The Home Battery Scheme means cleaner, more affordable reliable power for every household that purchases a system.

  • $50 million Grid Scale Storage Fund

    The $50 million Fund aims to accelerate the roll-out of grid-scale energy storage infrastructure and address the intermittency of South Australia’s electricity supplies.

  • Research, Commercialisation and Startup Fund

    $27.9 million fund supporting researchers, entrepreneurs and businesses to accelerate their progress with funding from the South Australian Government.

  • Innovation Connections

    Up to $50,000 in matched funding to work on collaborative projects to address technology and knowledge gaps.

Investment insights

  • Clean energy investment insights

    Access key investment insights via the Clean Energy Finance Council.

  • Key minerals industry indicators

    Discover the key industry indicators for minerals investment in South Australia.

  • Minerals industry value chain

    Discover investment opportunities throughout the industry value chain, including mineral exploration, mineral projects, major operating/approved mines, processing, and service and supply.

Investment scenarios/priorities

  • Investing in South Australian mineral exploration

    Investment opportunities in South Australia's minerals industry.

  • Mineral exploration

    Access information on exploration licences, activities and reporting in South Australia

  • Australian Hydrogen Centre

    The Australian Hydrogen Centre will assess the feasibility of blending renewable hydrogen into gas distribution networks in Victoria and South Australia.

  • Hydrogen projects in South Australia

    South Australian Government has invested more than $17 million in grants and $25 million in loans to four renewable hydrogen projects.

  • ARENA Investment Plan

    This plan sets out the Australian Renewable Energy Agency’s three investment priorities and explains how to apply for funding.

  • Renewable Energy: Funding and Investment Plan

    Australian Renewable Energy Agency contributes funds to renewable energy projects according to its General Funding Strategy and Investment Plan.

  • Australian Investor Map

    Easy access to authoritative and other spatial data to government, business and the public.

Knowledge and innovation

  • Renewable energy knowledge bank

    Open-source library of reports, studies and tools that provide guidance and learnings to benefit future renewable energy projects.

  • South Australian Resources Information Gateway

    South Australia's key geoscience information, mining and exploration project information and streamlined business interactions.

  • South Australia’s Renewable Energy Atlas

    South Australia’s Renewable Energy Atlas shows locations with ideal conditions to deploy wind and solar projects. It also identifies the location of existing renewable energy projects and South Australia's electricity transmission network and power plants.

  • Hydrogen potential: Interactive Hydrogen Map

    The Interactive Hydrogen Map assists investors and project developers to identify potentially suitable sites in South Australia to deploy hydrogen production, transport and utilisation.

  • Australian Renewable Energy Mapping Infrastructure

    The Australian Renewable Energy Mapping Infrastructure helps developers and financiers evaluate spatial renewable energy information to support deployment of bioenergy projects and harvest energy from the ocean’s waves, currents and tides.

  • Institute for Mineral and Energy Resources (IMER)

    IMER operates at the international forefront of the mineral, energy and resource sectors, showcasing our finest talent in large-scale research and innovation outcomes, with the capacity to pursue higher-risk, cutting-edge projects.

  • ThincLab

    Home to creative thinkers, the rule-breakers, the challengers – the ones who see the world differently, and for whom ideas are everything and the future is unlimited.

  • University of South Australia Advanced Computing Research Centre

    The centre has relationships and links with prominent Australian and international IT organisations.

  • Innovation and Collaboration Centre

    A strategic partnership between the University of South Australia and the South Australian Government, supporting technology-based incubation and business growth.

  • Flinders University - New Ventures Institute

    Linking business, government and the community sector to the university offerings. We showcase the R&D innovations of the future, and ensure robust industry–university links.

  • Future Industries Institute (FII)

    The University of South Australia’s Future Industries Institute focuses on building knowledge and capacity in core future industries and develops internationally competitive research capacity.

  • Institute for Photonics and Advanced Sensing (IPAS)

    IPAS at The University of Adelaide is a global hub of photonics research, creating transformational new approaches to sensing and transdisciplinary problem solvers.

Primary connections

  • South Australian Government: Department for Energy and Mining

    Economic development agency of South Australia's energy and mineral sectors.

  • Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources

    The Australian Government’s vision is to have the world’s most advanced, innovative and successful resources sector.

Sector growth

  • Australia's Technology Investment Roadmap

    A framework to accelerate low emissions technologies.

  • Australia’s National Hydrogen Strategy

    The strategy aims to position our industry as a major player by 2030, setting a vision for a clean, innovative, safe and competitive hydrogen industry.

  • South Australia’s Hydrogen Action Plan

    With more than 50 per cent of South Australia’s energy mix generated through renewable sources, new interconnection and storage technologies such as hydrogen will support South Australia to become a net 100 per cent renewable energy generator during the 2030s.

  • Magnetite Strategy

    South Australia is working to guide and support the development of the state’s vast iron ore resources for economic growth and the creation of jobs within the supply chain.

Sector insights

  • South Australian Government: Department for Energy and Mining

    Economic development agency of South Australia's energy and mineral sectors.

  • Energy and mining

    South Australia boasts an abundance of natural assets – including significant deposits of copper, gold, iron ore, graphite and petroleum.

  • Resources 2030 Taskforce Report

    The Resources 2030 Taskforce examined and made recommendations on how Australia’s resources sector can remain globally competitive and sustainable.

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