For Investment Attraction South Australia, it’s all about the customer

We’re here to expose the world to the rich investment opportunities that exist in South Australia.

At Investment Attraction South Australia we’ll strive to understand your business and tailor a support package that meets your individual needs.

The speed and professionalism provided by our team means the process of securing your investment is streamlined to ensure your business is a success in South Australia.

How we will work with you:

  • we’ll provide a dedicated point of contact for all your project requirements
  • we’ll ensure you have the best support to expedite your project in what may be a new state or country
  • we’ll simplify dealings with government and other business partners to streamline your path to a secure investment
  • we’ll provide policy and regulatory assistance to accelerate your investment
  • we’ll help you access the state’s skilled local workforce, ensuring you are connected to professionals who can deliver results
  • we’ll link you to new technologies, services, skills or processes which may add value to your organisation.

Put simply, we can connect you with decision-makers, identify funding and support options, help you choose new premises and then settle into South Australia.