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Industry resources

  • Tourism 2020

    A whole of government and industry long-term strategy to build the resilience and competitiveness of Australia’s tourism industry and grow its economic contribution.

  • Tourism Research Australia

    Providing research and analysis on the economic value of tourism to the Australian economy.

  • South Australian 20-year Infrastructure Strategy

    Supporting the development of a long-term infrastructure pipeline which will build a better tourism and digital infrastructure to ensure Adelaide remains competitive against other smart cities.

  • Regional Development Authority (RDA)

    The RDA brings together all levels of government to support the development of regional Australia, building partnerships to develop strategies and deliver sustainable infrastructure and services.

Investment bodies and organisations

  • Australian Tourism: Open for investment

    Discover why there's nothing like Australia for tourism investment.

  • Investing in Australia's cities

    Business opportunities in Australia's cities.

  • Venture Catalyst Fund

    An initiative of the South Australian Government and the University of South Australia encouraging student entrepreneurship and the creation of local startups by providing funding for early-stage ventures founded by UniSA students and recent graduates.

  • Nature-based Tourism Co-investment Fund

    Assisting eligible businesses and organisations to partner with the South Australian Government to deliver sustainable, quality tourism experiences in the state. Grants from $20,000 to $1 million available.

  • Economic and Business Growth Fund

    $100 million has been committed by the South Australian Government to promote economic growth in the state by encouraging the growth of existing industries, developing new industries, building international connections and attracting foreign and national direct investment.

Knowledge and innovation

  • University of South Australia

    The university’s Centre for Tourism and Leisure Management leads research in tourism, hospitality, events, sport and leisure.

Primary connections

  • South Australian Government: South Australian Tourism Commission

    We are committed to growing our visitor economy to $12.8 billion by 2030.

  • Tourism Australia

    Responsible for attracting international visitors to Australia, both for leisure and business.

  • Ecotourism Association (EA)

    A not for profit organisation focused on inspiring environmentally sustainable and culturally responsible tourism.

Sector growth

  • International Centre for Food, Hospitality and Tourism Studies

    The Centre will attract more local, national and international students and raise the profile of the exciting careers in these global sectors.

  • Tourism Industry Council South Australia (TiCSA)

    Leading and developing the South Australian tourism industry, engaging with and strengthening tourism businesses to grow the visitor economy.

Sector insights

  • Tourism

    South Australia boasts world-class food and wine, has stunning coastlines and beaches, and is attractive to visitors wanting to explore the wilderness and a vibrant city.

  • Nature based tourism plan

    South Australia has a plan to transform the state’s nature-based tourism sector.

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