Virtual Power Plant

The South Australian Government’s investment team is currently working with a number of corporations interested in developing virtual power plants in South Australia.

To facilitate the development, these companies will require ‘willing participants’ to opt into a partnership to host/install a battery at their home. The batteries would be of no cost to the home owner and immediately reduce the household energy bill by 20 to 30 per cent.

What is a virtual power plant? How does it work?
A virtual power plant is created by a network of home solar photovoltaic (PV) and battery systems all working together to generate, store and feed energy back into the grid. This is similar to the ‘big battery’ at Jamestown, but instead of being in one location, the systems are spread over thousands of houses.

Energy from the home solar and battery systems installed as a part of this virtual power plant will provide electricity for the house on which they are installed. Any excess energy generated by the system will be automatically dispatched to the grid. This dispatched energy will be centrally controlled to meet the needs of the grid, providing additional energy to the rest of the state, when it is required.


If you are interested in hosting a battery in your household and lowering your energy bill without any upfront cost, please fill the following form.

By registering your interest, you acknowledge that the government or a non-government organisation may contact you about South Australia’s virtual power plant and share information securely between parties as part of delivering the VPP.