Adelaide has proven the perfect choice for Melbourne-based leisure firm, Latitude. The company opened a new aerial super park in Adelaide’s north-eastern suburbs in January 2016 and had welcomed its 100,000th customer by 30 May.

Latitude director Aaron Silluzio has attributed part of this success to the ease of movement around Adelaide, so people will travel further for leisure activities than in larger cities. The company has invested more than $3.6 million and created about 70 jobs at the facility, which offers 3000 square metres of indoor play sites for all ages.

The Government of South Australia invited Latitude to consider Adelaide as its first new site for growth outside Melbourne, then provided case management to help make the project a reality. This included providing access to relevant local and state government authorities, assistance with obtaining planning consent and demographic information.

Mr Silluzio said he was initially sceptical about opening a business in Adelaide.

“But now, having been here and understanding the community feeling and understanding the people that are here, and our customers and our staff, It’s a great place to have a business,” he said.

“If you had a business, of course not a trampoline park, but something else that you wanted to open up here in Adelaide, I’d give it my full-hearted approval.

“The community’s been behind us, the schools have come, the kid’s birthday parties are great – we couldn’t have hoped for a better start, a better opening and a better place to open as well.

“We spent over $3.6 million here and we wouldn’t have done so if we didn’t believe in Adelaide and I think everyone out there should believe in Adelaide because it’s a great city to be in.”

Mr Silluzio said the team had been pleasantly surprised at how far its customers were prepared to travel to come to Latitude.

“We like to draw on a catchment of 10km, but with Adelaide, we actually gave it a bit of extra distance or catchment.

“That’s based on the fact that it’s easier to get around in Adelaide, which is great. We enjoy it every time we come here. It’s nice and relaxed and there’s not so much traffic.”

Mr Silluzio said case management supported provided by the Government of South Australia was invaluable in helping to make the Adelaide Latitude a reality. This included provision of demographic information, introductions to relevant local and State Government authorities and assistance with obtaining planning consent.

“They certainly put us onto the right people at the council and they were behind us the whole way, which we feel, gave us the front running to get this permit and get this business running in South Australia.” says Mr Silluzio on the support provided by the Government of South Australia.