South Australia is set to become a strategic national hub for leading Australian chicken meat producer, Ingham’s, following the company’s decision to invest $275 million across multiple projects in our capital city, Adelaide, and nearby regional areas. The expansion is expected to create 850 direct jobs and 620 construction jobs.

To meet growing local and national demand, the company is expanding its facilities to significantly increase its capacity throughout the production chain, including breeding, hatching, processing, feed production and product distribution at 15 sites. With this project, the company will double its rate of investment and the majority of that investment will be in South Australia.

The company has comprehensive and ongoing support from the Government of South Australia to help bring its plans to fruition in areas including transport, planning, regulation and water resources. The networks within the State Government are assisting Ingham’s to expedite the project.

Ingham’s supplies local supermarkets and food service companies. It also provides chicken products to national supermarket chains and quick service restaurants throughout Australia.

Ingham’s Executive Chairman Mick McMahon said the State Government’s pro-business approach had helped the company to makes this major expansion a reality.

“Inghams has been around for 100 years and this is the most exciting time in that history,” he said.

“It has a great track record of growth and investing behind that growth and we are continuing that here and now with $275 million going into multiple projects in South Australia.

“The government here has facilitated decision making in a way that makes it quite easy to do business here.

“In particular, providing a single focal point, someone who could help us manage our way through planning issues or local or State Government matters.

“We’re growing jobs here in South Australia. Those jobs include food processing and we’re finding that people with a strong manufacturing background, whether it be from the car industries or some other industry, fit really well and help to lift and improve the approach that we take to our own operations.

“South Australia from a food and agriculture point of view offers many advantages. We see it as a very attractive place, both for our farming operations and our processing operations.

“We do see some opportunity for growing our export markets, particularly in what you might call the high end, ‘clean, green’ markets overseas.

“With Australia’s track record for biosecurity, food safety, the brand reputation that comes from being produced in South Australia, but our main focus will be in servicing the domestic market because there’s enough growth in that market to keep us busy for quite some time,” Mr McMahon said.