Buddy Platform, a US-based company providing crucial data processing infrastructure for the coming Internet of Things wave, is the latest technology leader to invest in South Australia.

The term ‘Internet of Things’ refers to a network of connected devices and sensors, which help businesses and organisations remotely monitor and control key assets. Building a system to efficiently and affordably collect and process this data, real time and at scale, is difficult. Buddy addresses this need, providing a lightweight, fast and flexible solution for the smallest to the largest organisations.

Internet of Things is already a $669 billion opportunity, with billions more devices about to be connected to the internet. Businesses that traditionally were not in the data processing game suddenly are finding themselves front and centre in the Internet of Things wave. Companies that manufacture white goods, light bulbs, farming and mining equipment, now offer or have products that are transmitting thousands of data points a second. The goal is to make your core business stronger, safer and more efficient using this data, without necessarily turning into a data company.

Buddy makes this possible, collecting and processing data from devices around the world in real time. Buddy can manage and host that data in local data centres to adhere to privacy and sovereignty rules and regulations.

In December 2015 Buddy Platform listed on the Australian Securities Exchange, and chose Adelaide as the base for its new Australian operations. This will make Adelaide home to an innovative, global business at the start of the third wave of internet and the heart of the Quantified Economy.

The Government of South Australia helped pave the way for the company’s Adelaide investment by linking them in with the State’s burgeoning ICT sector and introducing them to key decision-makers streamlining the investment process.