Australian Global Wine Services, in conjunction with Red Capital Pty Ltd, announced plans in early 2016 to construct a bottling, storage and container facility at Port Adelaide, which will cater predominately to the wine industry. This $55 million venture will create up to 70 new jobs plus 170 construction jobs. A facility of this kind can and will have an across-the-board effect and induce follow-on job creation within the wine industry.

The facility will increase bottling capacity and efficiencies within the South Australian export and domestic wine sector.

The company made the decision to expand after it identified a shortage in South Australia’s bottling capacity as well as an expected increase in future demand due to increased exports to Asia and a reduction of bulk wine export.

A range of South Australian Government departments worked closely together in support of the project, in particular with Renewal SA on the sale of the land. It also assisted with new labour requirements, and facilitated approvals processes for development permits.