Australia is one of the safest, low-risk environments for business and investment.

Doing business in Australia has never been more attractive. With one of the most transparent and well-regulated business environments in the world, Australia’s political stability and regulatory framework provides investors with confidence and security.

Australia is in its 27th year of uninterrupted annual economic growth, has a AAA sovereign risk profile and has diverse, globally competitive industries. Today, our nation is in a strong position to maintain its economic prosperity.

We are known globally for our highly successful resources sector. Through this we have helped power Asia’s urbanisation and are now on track to be the world’s largest producer of liquefied natural gas by 2020.

With global food demand booming, Australia is ideally placed as a premium food supplier and a long-term partner of choice in food security.

Australia is also home to one of the region’s most sophisticated financial sectors, providing access to capital and financial expertise, particularly in wealth management.

As a leading education provider, our nation is attracting students from around the world. Increasing numbers of overseas visitors are driving demand for new tourism infrastructure.

Australia also has advanced research and innovation capabilities, particularly in biotechnology, medical science and niche areas of
advanced manufacturing.

And importantly, our multicultural background means the Australian labour force is one of the most educated and multilingual in the world. This gives Australia a huge advantage in an increasingly global business environment.