About this site

What is the eligibility for listing an opportunity?

Investment opportunities must be located within South Australia and contribute to growing the state’s economy and creating jobs. Opportunities across key sectors of growth, including hi-tech; creative industries; space; defence; health and medical industries; international education; energy and mining; food, wine and agribusiness and tourism, will be welcomed.

Is your project investment ready?

If you are not investor ready, you are less likely to be successful in attracting capital and enables investors to review your opportunity and assess its worth.  

Is there a minimum investment amount for a project to be listed?

No. Invest in South Australia is designed to support all South Australian opportunities that support the growth of the economy and contribute towards job creation.

Can I list my project if seeking partners or anchor clients?

Yes. When you upload your project, there will be the opportunity to select if you are looking for investment, joint ventures, partners or clients.

Who can list projects?

Any business or organisation that has a South Australian based project can list a project, provided the investment will contribute to the economic growth of South Australia.

Can I remain anonymous when listing my project?

Yes, you can. Some early-stage businesses prefer to remain anonymous, whereas established businesses wish to promote themselves. If you wish to remain anonymous, enquiries can be referred to the Department for Trade and Investment.

What does it cost to list my project on the site?

There is no cost.

Is there a cost to investors for using the site?

No, there is no cost. 

Do I have to be based in South Australia to list a project or is it just the project that has to be in South Australia?

Your company can be based anywhere but the project needs to be located in South Australia.

How do people get in touch with my company – are they moderated before coming to the company to avoid time wasters?

Your project will be listed in the public domain and, if you have not chosen to remain anonymous, your contact details will be available and potential investors can contact you directly, without involvement from the Department for Trade and Investment. If your project is anonymous, an investor must login and request to find out more about your project, including your company and contact details. The Department for Trade and Investment moderates these requests, however investor bona fides are not normally checked. 

What about intellectual property protection if I’m searching for investment for a certain product(s)?

You should always seek professional advice prior to listing projects if you have intellectual property or commercial-in-confidence queries or concerns. Project listing instructions ask that you do not upload sensitive commercial information.

Can I list multiple projects on the site?

Yes, if the projects are in South Australia.

How long will my project remain ‘live’?

While projects will be reviewed regularly, projects can remain until an investment outcome is achieved, or the project owner wishes to remove the listing, or the Department for Trade and Investment removes the project.

What other support is provided to me?

The Department for Trade and Investment has a range of business support available. Connect with an investment specialist to learn more.